The Bartlett School – Part 4 of 4 – 1/31/2019


“BOO!” Ah shit! What the…as he quickly shuffled over for some napkins. “Oh my God! He uttered! Jan? Jan Stuart? It IS you! Where have you been? I tried getting in touch, but no one knew where you were!” Suddenly he cut himself short, realizing his interest was a little too exuberant. He corrected, “Jan, how nice to see you.” “And you George.” She smiled. He’d done it now, he thought, she gets the picture. “Me? Oh, I’m just hunky-dory,” he blushed. “It’s good to see the old place.” She stumbled. “Not much has changed, including yourself. Look at you! Haven’t aged a day.” She offered. “Jan, you’re too kind.” He continued awkwardly. “George, I’ve never been accused of being  kind, especially when it comes down to good looks.” Oh my God! He was no Hercules, but she was his Aphrodite and was certainly working her charms on him, he trembled at the thought. Why the hell am I weak kneed. “Come, lets sit down.” He stuttered. “Good idea.” She acquiesced, as she beamed.

He gestured towards a nice comfy chair he thought she’d like. “Oh!”, He stumbled, “Ok we’ll sit there.” As she motioned to a couch. “Fine!”, he blushed, again, at sat at one end. Jan Stuart, he thought, as old romantic feelings rushed over him, he sighed deeply. She was just like he’d remembered her. Young and beautiful. Full figured with just the right curves, he pondered. Still as sexy as hell! OH MY GOD! What the hell am I thinking!. Mind control George! Mind control! This is a respectable, upstanding woman here! He thought, as he brushed his hair back and smiled. “So!” he continued, what’s new in your life?”

Just then the recess bell rang. Saved by the bell, he shook it off as the room began to get busy.

“Oh my God it’s Jan Craig!” Everyone, it seemed needed her attention. “George!” Carl shouted beyond need. “You been holding out on us? You bad boy! Lady’s Home Journal, my oh my.” he added. “You got yourself one heck of a catch! You’re a lucky man.” Well, if the room hadn’t been filling up, I’d have fixed his bow tie beyond recognition! Lucky the old fart had company.

“Well! Jannie-Jan-Jan-Jan! It’s been far too long! Where has our illustrious Deus Ex Machina of the Drama Department been all these years? Been trodding the boards, have we?”  Stephen was always a tad over dramatic or should I say, overly exuberant. A wanna be star of the local amateur theatre company. STOP! STOP IT! he arrested myself. “Now, Stephen,” I interjected, “Jan is our guest let’s not examine her.” I smiled in protest. He winced, looked over his glasses, abruptly turned and moved over to the coffee table.

Jan was suitably embarrassed, I couldn’t blame her. It was true, after all, that she’d left her Drama Studies hoping upon hope to have a successful, if not lucrative, acting career. She certainly had the bones for it, but perhaps not the drive.

Jan looked unmistakably shaken. “Look” I said, “Stephen is a little over the top. Don’t pay attention to anything he says. He blurts out the first thing that jumps into his imaginary mind.” I chuckled, trying to smooth things over. She smiled and quietly seemed to agree. “So, Jan. How about we have a light dinner tonight?” “I’d love to, she said.” And it’s not even close to noon yet, he regretted.

“Attention! Attention Please! Please! May I have your attention!” he cried. It seems Alex Partridge always thought he was standing in the ancient stadium of Delphi announcing the celebration of “Pythia” in honour of Apollo to the maddening crowd. “Alex!” I cried, “We’re not ten feet away from you!.” He immediately regretted his impulse. Alex pouted. “Fine!” he retorted. “Ladies and Gentlemen, some of you will resume your classes and the rest can remain seated or take a lounge around the grounds.” He sighed, looked at Jan and Jan smiled. That’s just about all I need, he thought. “Shall we?” he whispered. “Yes.” She said, as they strolled arm and arm towards the park. Just another fine day, he sighed. One of many.

©J.E.Goldie 1/31/2019 part 4 of 4




Published by

Jen Goldie

"Life is made up of small comings and goings and for everything we take with us, we leave a part of ourselves behind" - Summer of 42

16 thoughts on “The Bartlett School – Part 4 of 4 – 1/31/2019”

  1. This one had a tone different than the previous three parts. From the get go it set up a different atmosphere… I absolutely loved the romantic tension or the hints of it it. You are a clever writer, Jen. Ooh and more of Jan, please, Jen. 🤗💕

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I wanna say the name you chose for George’s old flame was no accident… It could have as easily been “Jen” 😂 but it’s hard to point fingers at writers because they can be shifty as hell and always tend to put the blame square on their “creative liberty”! 😄😋
    I kid, of course! Can’t wait for more adventures of George and Jen… I mean Jan… Good day to you, Jen!

    Liked by 2 people

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