The Bartlett School – Part 8 of 8 – 2/10/2019


Three P.M. was looming like a huge charging elephant in George’s vivid imagination. “Shall we take a walk through the park, before our pending liaison, with PAUL?” George quipped. “That is unless you’d rather check out our “Roles” for this evenings event.” “That wasn’t the first thing on my mind” Jan giggled, “But maybe we should be prepared. This could be my big break!” she smiled. George was delighted. “After you my little starlet!” Jan curtsied. “Let’s get ready for your big debut!”

Most were still in class, so their early arrival took Miss Jones by surprise. “We’re here for our scripts Miss DeMille!” George said exuberantly. “Oh, I’m Miss Jones” she apologized. “I don’t think there’s a Miss DeMille working here.” Poor miss Jones was so taken aback she blushed. “I must apologize Miss Jones, I was joking, sorry”, he whispered. “We’re here for our character descriptions for this evening’s Murder Mystery, can you help us with that?” “OH YES! Yes! Certainly! Now let me see, where did I put those papers” she scrambled. “I think we’re early,” He nudged Jan. “You may be right,” she whispered. While Miss Jones was losing her grip, George decidedly looked around her desk. “How about these?” he queried.  “OH, my goodness. Yes! That’s them! Very good! Very good! How could I have missed them!” she rambled. “It’s ok Miss Jones, I only noticed because they’re yellow. They kind of stood out!” he was trying to be nice. “Just pick one”, she instructed. “Any one?” George quipped. “Well, a male one for you.” she added. “Of course.” George smiled. “Well, we’ve managed to get this far.” George laughed. “Yes,” Jann giggled, “I’ll take Miss Partridge, sounds interesting.” “If pears are to your liking.” George grinned. “Let’s see. How about Mr. Primrose for me, how much trouble could a Mr. Primrose get himself into?” he inquired. “Well, we’ll soon find out” Jan said. “Shall we prepare to the Park my fellow thespian?” George grandly gestured. “After you Mr. Primrose.” Jan curtsied. “Nice day, if it doesn’t rain.” George laughed.

“George?” Jan said as they took a park bench not to far from the school, “Have you ever done a Murder Mystery before?” “No, come to think of it, I haven’t. But there are people I’d like to murder.” he laughed. “George! You’re not serious!” Jan giggled. “No, of course not” George lied. “You don’t suppose Paul would like to participate in our little adventure, do you?” “Well,” said Jan “We could ask him over lunch.” “LUNCH! Oh, geez what time is it?” stammered George. “Time, we sauntered back, unfortunately.” Jan sighed. Time flies when you’re having fun, George pondered sadly.

“There you are!” shouted Paul. “J’ai trouvé un magnifique français buffet dans la ville!” George cringed. “It’s going be the hit of the show!” Paul was so ecstatic George swore he’d faint. “Marvelous!” Jan offered. George shook his hand. “Well after your successful sojourn,” George pumped, “I presume you’re famished.” It was the least he could say. “OH! Paul?” Jan quickly inserted, “We’re all invited to participate in a Murder Mystery this evening. I don’t suppose you’d like to join us.” she offered. “Mademoiselle, Je serais honoré!” Figures George murmured. “George? Let’s go get Paul’s sheets, he’ll need to pick a role.” Uh huh, George sighed under his breath. “De cette façon, mon homme!” George said smugly. “We’re back Miss Jones.” She jumped. “We need one more character breakdown.” “Let’s see,” George pondered, as he shuffled the sheets of paper. Hmmm. “How about this one.” he offered. Paul examined the role. “Perfect!” Paul said “Le chef du manoir!, Monsieur Richard.” “Yep! I can pick em,” thought George.

“Now for a nice light pre-dinner snack. You never know what’s going to be on the menu this evening.” He pondered. “Hopefully they’ll have real food tonight.” He spouted. Now who’s the jerk, he regretted. “Just kidding of course”, he quickly corrected, as Jan nudged him. “George?” she reassured him, “I’m sure it will be lovely.” “Lead the way Monsieur Richard!” George commanded. “Bien sûr de cette façon!” Paul replied. This IS going to be fun, George grinned, as Jan rolled her eyes.

Lots and lots of fun.

©J.E.Goldie 2/10/2019



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Jen Goldie

"Life is made up of small comings and goings and for everything we take with us, we leave a part of ourselves behind" - Summer of 42

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