The Bartlett School – Part 10 of 10 2/27/2019


“Geezz! Paul! Can’t you try being a little less like a bull in a China Shop!”

“Sorry George”, Paul apologized, “I was just reaching for the sugar.”

“Well here’s the darn sugar!” George said, as he annoyingly, pushed the bowl towards Paul, then brushed the water off his shirt.

“Boys! Boys!” Jan said pleading, “It’s just water George, and Paul please relax, we’re not training for the Olympics here, c’mon!”

George grumbled an apology of sorts and Paul accepted gracefully.

“I’m sorry George” he whispered.

“Ditto” was all George could muster.

“Maybe we need a little something to take the edge off”, said Jan, with a twinkle. Good idea thought George.

“Yes! I agree whole heartedly! Waiter! A bottle of your best Red!” “Actually, I prefer white.” added Paul. Figures thought George.

“Make that two bottles! We’ll have one of your best white as well!” Lucky Paul’s buying lunch he thought, hopefully.

“Now can we read our outlines?” said Jan sarcastically.

“OH sure! Let’s see”, Paul offered, as he started to focus on the yellow sheet.

“This should be perfect for me,’ he chirped as he began to read. “Monsieur Richard, a jovial and, well educated man with a goatee. Oh dear. I don’t have a goatee.” said Paul deflated.

“It’s ok Paul, not to worry, please continue.” Instructed Jan.

“Well preserved for his 60 years. 60? I’m no where near 60! That’s practically ancient! This just won’t do! The guy’s an old man.” Paul protested.

George could hardly control himself. This is getting better and better, he thought delightedly.

“Ah, not to worry Paul,” consoled George. “With lots of makeup we’ll make sure you can pull it off.”

Tons of makeup! He devilishly thought as he gave Jan a sweet smile.

“Go on” instructed Jan. Paul sighed and continued,

“A wonderful man of great integrity. Oh! I like that!” Paul grinned. “He spent 30 years in prison! OH MY GOD! For robbing a total of 10 banks. The money was never found. Holy Moley!” cried Paul as he continued. “The courts concluded, that, after 30 years of good behavior and exemplary service to his fellow inmates, he should be released. Wow! I like this guy!” Paul said excitedly. “It says here” continued Paul, “that he studied culinary arts while serving his time! Sweet! My kind of man!”

I bet! George muttered as he gave Jan the nod.

“Is that all, Paul?” George quipped, rolling his eyes.

“He studied in France with one of the greatest Chef’s of all time! Paul Bocuse!”, beamed Paul. “It’s the perfect role for me!”  Perish the thought George mumbled. AGONY! Looms.

“Another Red please!” he hailed.

“Ok George, your turn.” She smiled and winked.

Alright! George primped! This should be good, he thought, as he rolled up his sleeves, unfurled his yellow sheet and flattened it on the table.

“Hm, let’s see. Mr. Primrose is a very deceiving character. Tall, good looking and well bred.” So far so true! George grinned. “Underneath his warm and elegant exterior lies an evil, minded monster.”

Ouch! Thought George. Not a bit like me, he grimaced.

“Continue George.” said Jan almost in stitches.

“Mr. Primrose would do anything, even so far as to commit murder to get what he needs. Jan! This isn’t at all like me.”

George whined as he gulped more wine.

“Oh, c’mon George.” Paul laughed. “Sounds perfect for you!” George gritted his teeth.

“George? This is a Murder Mystery after all, there should be suspects. Doesn’t mean Mr. Primrose is the murderer, just because he seems like the type. Go on, finish.” Jan raised her eyebrows, smiled sweetly and poured herself another glass.

How can I resist George thought, as he promptly, continued.

“Hm, here we go. Married 5 times, divorced 3 times and the last two disappeared mysteriously. Well! Well! Well! Nice, track record.” George laughed.

“Weirdo!” Paul added, saluting with his glass.

“Oh really?” quipped George. “At least Primrose got married.” “Not appropriate”, chided Jan.

George! Can’t you keep your opinions to yourself! Now look what you’ve done.

“Sorry Paul.” George offered.

“Pas de problem!” Paul sniffed as he sipped some more wine. “Look Guys, this is only a fantasy.” Jan reminded them.

Fantasy, schmantasy, George pouted and squinted eyes.

“George, Mr. Primrose sounds like a fabulous role. If I were a man, I’d fight you for it!” she giggled.

Now there’s an interesting proposition George considered.

“Ok then Jan, its your turn. Let’s hear it.” George quietly demanded.

“Well George I can’t.”

“Can’t? Why not?”

“It’s not allowed” she giggled.”

“What’s that supposed to mean.” George protested.

“Well, if you’d read the whole sheet you’d know.”

Damn George thought as he quickly read through the instructions.

“Jan you little minx! You let us read our characters outloud and you knew all along we were to keep it to ourselves!”

“Well George All’s fair in love and war!” she beamed.

Jan you, little sneak, he thought and smiled.

“I love it! Let’s toast the best Murder Mystery in history!”

“I’ll second that.” Paul toasted proudly, while George considered his options.


“It’s not our abilities that prove who we are. It’s our choices.”

Dumbledore- Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets

©J.E.Goldie 2/27/2019

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Jen Goldie

"Life is made up of small comings and goings and for everything we take with us, we leave a part of ourselves behind" - Summer of 42

9 thoughts on “The Bartlett School – Part 10 of 10 2/27/2019”

    1. Things are rolling along LOL I was disconnected from late Tues til about 2 hours ago. The construction company up the street has cut Bell’s cable twice in less than a month……..🙄 Glad you liked #10


  1. I have been waiting patiently for the next read. Jen, your story continues to be intriguing. Jan is enjoying the whole scene as George and Paul continue to spar back and forth. The wine seems to be loosening up the men’s tongues just a little bit.

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