“A gathering of Stars” II – and so the tale continues – 3/26/2019



The Starlettes, gathered noiselessly into their meeting which happened to be cloistered snuggly, behind Cloud Nine. Cloud Nine rarely, if ever was in attendance. This was important.

“Cloud nine never gets involved in things”, said Saige, as she leaned into Susan. “He’s looking a little drab and grey around the edges”

“I know!” offered Susan “Nine’s usually billowy and upbeat. He’s looking a little sad.”

“You got that right!” said Sara “He even looks a little mad. Looks like he’s been floating around in, um, garbage? He even smells bad.”

“Attention Please!” demanded the North Star. “WE, have a serious situation here. Miss Star has something very important to tell you, so please kindly give her your utmost attention. Miss Star will you please address this constellation.”

Star slowly and reluctantly moved to the platform, not looking her usual twinkley self, dull in fact.

“She looks like she’s gonna fall!” said Susan sadly

“Miss Star! Please proceed.” North prompted as gently as he could.

“Well” she said, as she lowered her points. “Moon is refusing to shine for Night tonight. He’s saying no one cares anymore. Night tried to convince him but Moon has lost his beams. He’s so dim, he’s almost fully waned. Unless someone can convince him it’s worthwhile, darkness will consume his light. Night blossoms won’t bloom, lovers won’t have moonlight, the waters will still and Earth will be very ill.” She sobbed.

A murmured silence filled the group. Questions flew round. What can we do? Who did this? How could this happen!

North Star, hushed the group. “For this Night I will shine the way. Let Moon eclipse for a day. Perhaps tomorrow we’ll find a way. Everyone go get into their heavenly places and pray.”

©J.E.Goldie 3/26/2019



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Published by

Jen Goldie

"Life is made up of small comings and goings and for everything we take with us, we leave a part of ourselves behind" - Summer of 42

14 thoughts on ““A gathering of Stars” II – and so the tale continues – 3/26/2019”

  1. Oh sweet moon! You know this made me think back on an interesting debate we had on things that would happen if the moon were to entirely vanish from space. But that’s more scientific an inquiry than a poetic tale of imagination. 😋
    Anyway, I hope Moon gets s-well soon! 😄

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