Her name was Alice……



Her name was Alice. Ali to everyone. Ali was a part of us all, whether

we liked it or not, whether we liked her or not. That’s the way it goes.

Whether we liked her or not depended on whether we knew her or not.

A conundrum.

She spoke her mind. More than that, she said what was on her mind at any given moment. A fault? Who hasn’t faults. I personally loved and hated the woman at the same time. I’m sure I cursed her more than anyone I know.

You could curse her to her face.

She knew where it was coming from. 

She was strong,

she was weak.


She was all of us wrapped up into a 5′ nothing package that warmed us one moment

and riled us the next.

She stood up for us all, as best she could. She was ready to do life to the limit!

Let’s love!

Let’s fight!

Let’s scream

Let’s curse the hell out of life!

Let’s just do it!

She knew what fighting was all about. She knew it early on in her life. She was woman alone with children.

She was proud and

demanding and


and loving. 

If you knew Ali, I need say no more.

If you ever met her,

I’m sure you’d remember the meeting.

If you never met her you missed someone very special on this planet.

She’s gone now,

But she’s still with the lucky one’s who knew her.

©Jen Goldie 



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Published by

Jen Goldie

"Life is made up of small comings and goings and for everything we take with us, we leave a part of ourselves behind" - Summer of 42

9 thoughts on “Her name was Alice……”

  1. She sounds like she was an amazing friend. I am sorry for your loss. This is such a sweet tribute to her. Its blunt honesty tries to feign annoyance with her eccentricities, and ends up unfolding a loving reflection of someone who was important, someone who touched lives and someone who will live on through those who knew her best. I am happy that you knew her, Jen and thank you for sharing. ❤️

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    1. I feel extremely blessed to have known her. My tribute was published in the ACTRA news letter with my permission but I didn’t seek that. She was extremely unique as we all are but kept us all on our toes. She also had that kind of voice you’ll never forget. I can hear her now saying OMG “Something like that” lol What are you doing putting this out. 😊😂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. 😄😄 Why, it’s the perfect way to shut up dear friends… go all emotional on them about your friendship! 😝 But I am sure she knew how much you valued her presence in your life. I think that’s my biggest fear…to not say it enough to the people I love… how much they mean to me. You continue doing that in the most perfect way possible way, Jen. You poured you heart into it.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I tried restraint at the time. But I couldn’t hold back and I was surprised at the outpouring of love I found from others around her. It is indeed a special thing and I can hear her growling right now! LOL Life’s too short to hold back. 💜🌼🌹


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