The Black Lagoon – 3




She’d had a restless night, but managed to get a few hours

of sleep. Being alone in this place made things different.

There was no one to have your back. She was vulnerable.

Time to prepare for difficult times, she thought.

Time to be on the defence. Self preservation.

She gathered some branches to fashion into weapons.

She had a knife, now she knew why. Before anything else

she knew she had to fortify her camp.

The night had been fraught with terrifying sounds.

Sounds that made her shiver.


I should have gotten back on board, she screamed into the

silence. Tom told her to. Nan had warned her. The Captain

insisted he’d take no responsibility for her welfare.

Once the ship was gone, they wouldn’t be back. The crew

were the worst. They stared right through her with

passionless eyes.


In her despair she suddenly remembered The Chief.

He had hopeful eyes. On the Day of Evacuation

he’d taken her quietly aside and slowly placed an amulet

over her head laying it gently close to her heart, saying

softly, “She will guide you, she is in you, she is of you.

Listen to her my child.” Then he turned away. At the time

she really thought nothing of it, except that it was a

beautiful Amethyst. Yet she’d held it tightly in the palm

of her hand and hadn’t taken it off since. She looked

down at it hanging delicately between her breasts. It gave

her a sudden sense of calm and heightened awareness.

It strengthened her resolve and gave her a renewed feeling

of confidence. She felt a sudden surge of purpose. Whatever

her destiny was, it existed on this God Forsaken island.

She stood there fearlessly and in a kind of trance. “Take the

Path. You must find and take the path.”

For one mystifying moment, she was sure she saw the Chief,

as a shadow, amongst the trees.


©J.E.Goldie June 1, 2019


I don’t pretend to vouch for any of the following qualities of the Amethyst. However I don’t disbelieve any of them either. ©J.E.Goldie

Amethyst healing properties

The healing properties of amethyst mostly deal with the blood and breathing. Amethyst cleanses the blood, which helps with substance abuse and fevers. While breathing is helped by the calming effect of this gemstone. To get the most effect out of your amethyst stone or crystal it should be placed in the sun. Direct sunlight is best, be aware however that it can soften the purple color.

Legend and Meanings of the Amethyst

Another legend has it that the amethyst would protect the wearer from harm, but only if they showed bravery. This made amethysts a very popular stone for soldiers. This meaning of amethyst has faded with time and nowadays the protection it offers is on a spiritual and psychological level, rather than physical protection.

Amethyst meaning: amethyst is one of the most powerful crystals you can find.The first one is the use as a calming stone. It helps cope with stress by calming your mental state.The second amethyst meaning is protection, most notably protection from addiction. Wearing it calms the mind and puts off the need to feed addiction. It offers protection from poison and hostile spells as well. The last meaning of amethyst is spiritual. Amethyst stones symbolize chastity, piety and trust.


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"Life is made up of small comings and goings and for everything we take with us, we leave a part of ourselves behind" - Summer of 42

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