“Witty” in response to BrewNSpew Café word of the week – witty June 10, 2019


The BrewNSpew Cafe Word of The Week Challenge June 10 2019

Word of the Week – witty (adjective) – showing or characterized by quick and inventive verbal humor. synonyms – humorous, amusing, droll, funny, comical, clever, chucklesome, jocular, lively, waggish. 


Once upon a time there was a witch called Witty,

because she was witty,

at least that’s what they said at the time,

and at that time no one had the

wits to disagree, since Witty was a witch.

She knew which way was which and

she was amusingly droll and even jocular.

 At any rate she lived in a very stylish apartment,

which was, as witty as Witty was, or so they said.

I never met her.

Although I might have, if I’d had my wits about me.

Somehow, I think I did. Meet her I mean.

Um the apartment, they say, was pretty weird,

But anyways she liked it. I heard she thought it amused

her, although no one was really sure.

I know I wasn’t… sure, I mean.



One day, they say, someone witnessed just how

witty it was, although they didn’t really have their

wits about them. You know how rumors are.

The Witty building, I mean apartment, was getting

a little weirder everyday, since Witty’s spells were

becoming a little witless.

 “That’s a word right?”

 I mean, her spells as witches go were a little strange.

The building, or apartment was becoming, I mean

starting, to look like her. At least the green part did.

That’s what they say anyway.

Witty had a greenish kinda glow.

You know how witches are, I hope, because

I don’t. I’ve never met one. I don’t think.

Here’s a picture of the Witty building aka

Witty’s place, or apartment.


As you can see it’s pretty odd. Not making

any judgmental remarks! I wouldn’t do

that! I’m a good guy, even amusing at times!

But it is a little strange. Just a tad mind you!

BUT! One day, they say, Witty and the whole

kitten kaboodle just up and disappeared and

they Lived Happily Ever After. Pretty good eh?

DAD! Next time I’m telling a story!

©J.E.Goldie June 12, 2019



Published by

Jen Goldie

"Life is made up of small comings and goings and for everything we take with us, we leave a part of ourselves behind" - Summer of 42

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