“Joanne” for Reena’s Exploration Challenge #91 “A Slice of Life” June 14 2019


Reena’s Exploration Challenge #91 – Slice of Life



We lived on a tree lined street. Everybody knew

everybody. After dinner we sat on the verandah.

I sat on the steps. There were a ton of kids.

Neighbors waved from their porches.

Kids waited for someone to start something.

Someone always did.

We’d play til the lights came on, then usually

went to bed, unless the hockey game was on.

Dad always insisted it was a family thing.

On school days I’d hear him crab about the

Catholic kids. He claimed they ruined his lawn.

They passed by our house on the way to their


I could never figure that out.

Joanne was Catholic. The girl next door.

I considered her a friend. She didn’t play and laugh

like we did and her foster mother never sat on

their porch. You washed your glass right

away after taking a drink and their lawn was fine.

Another lady came to live there.

They said it was her Mom. She didn’t tell me that.

I guess I was to busy to notice then.

They said she went to live with her Mom.

I couldn’t figure that out either.

I thought she was home. I still remember what

she looked like. She had beautiful long brown

hair and her face smiled, most of the time.

Then she was gone.

I’ll never forget Joanne.

©J.E.Goldie June 15 2019





Published by

Jen Goldie

"Life is made up of small comings and goings and for everything we take with us, we leave a part of ourselves behind" - Summer of 42

37 thoughts on ““Joanne” for Reena’s Exploration Challenge #91 “A Slice of Life” June 14 2019”

      1. have you written children’s books? there is a huge foster care population in CA and Children Social Services always has a hard time finding children’s literature that discusses these sad issues ❤

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  1. Looks like I’ve been commenting in the Message space all along. Repeating it here …

    You describe such a cosy scenario. Power supply interruptions gave us the opportunity in childhood to come out in the balcony. Now, we have power back-ups in buildings, so it is a thing of the past. We are happy with our devices in closed spaces.

    I remember a classmate in Class 1, at the age of 5- Gloria Smith. She was white, had golden hair styled in curls and moved to Australia by the end of the year. She was such a rare sight in the India of those days. People stopped on the streets to look at her.

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