“She’s Done” for The Haunted Wordsmith Fiction Prompt May 21, 2019

HauntedWordsmith 5 21

The Haunted Wordsmith Fiction Prompt May 21, 2019


“Aye. She’s a grand old lady, fer sure.”

“Aye. That she is.”

“It’s a shame. Real shame.”

“What’s such a shame Shamus.”

“Shame, she’s setting where she is.”

“Why’s that?”

“Well, haven’t you heard?


“She picked the perfect spot.”

“Who did?”

“She did. Old Nekkid Nancy’s days are done.”

“You don’t say.”

“I do say.”

“I reckon she’s gotta be a hundred if a day.”

“Shamus! What’s the shame?”

“The city folks need a road.”

“There’s lots a roads. Whatcha saying?”

“She’s done.”

©J.E.Goldie May 21, 2019




“Just a Boy” in response to “What Do You See?” a Willow Photo Challenge posted May 7-14, 2019


What do you see? Willow Photo Prompt May 7, 2019


“Peter? Peeeee-Terrr!!”

“Oh, Helen don’t scream!”

“But John he’s been gone for a least

10 minutes.”

“Helen, the boy’s just playing with us.”

“I dunno. John.”


“John for heaven’s sake.”


“Well, nothing! Don’t scream at the boy.”

“The boy doesn’t behave himself Helen.”

“O.K. sometimes he is a little inattentive.

I admit that.”

“Helen, inattentive? How about belligerent.”

“John, the boy wouldn’t know how. He’s four.”

“From the day he was born you’ve defended

his right to be a child.”



“He is a child.”

“It’s pretty obvious, the way he acts!”

“John, he’s just a boy.”

©J.E.Goldie May 7, 2019

*Please feel free Not to like this.

It’s not a likeable situation.*