“Once Upon A Time” in response to The BrewNSpew Café “word/ Expression of the week – Starry- May 20, 2019


The BrewNSpew Cafe Word/Expression Prompt May 20, 2019 – Starry



Once upon a time there lived a Princess. Princess

Penny. Princess Penny didn’t like her name because

people made fun of it. They called her Penny Pincher

because she never spent a dime. They called her

Henny Penny because it rhymed.

Then on a starry night there came a shining knight in

glorious armour. He’d heard of Princess Penny from

reading the Daily Rumour, which he regularly read

and bought from a local caravan and a minstrel named

Kenny who happened to know Penny through a band of

travelling produce sellers, on their way to Rome, which

was actually their home when they weren’t on the road,

which gave them the nickname of Road Vendors.

But I digress.

Oh yes.

Penny met this Knight who knew of Penny on a starry


No I meant, The Knight bumped into her on his way

passing a fruit vendor on the way home.


I’m really trying to remember this.

One starry knight, I meant night. A shiny knight bumped

into a bunch of locals who told him about a Princess,

who’s name they couldn’t remember, Penny I think,

which happens to be the one we’re talking about.

I meant I’m writing about.

I think.

©J.E.Goldie May 22, 2019


I almost forgot the knight. Took awhile to find it too, So I figured I’d use it,

it was free 🙂 So were the others by the way.



the end almost

I meant think….:)