“Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid” in response to Crimson’s Creative Challenge CCC#30 June 6 2019 – Nancy & Joan’s Adventures Continue.


Crimson Creative Photo Challenge CCC#30 June 6 2019


“Nancy! Wait up!”

“Oh, sorry Joan. You o.k.?

“My dogs are killing me. I have to sit down.”

“I hate to tell you this but there’s nowhere

to sit.”

“O.k., Press on.”

“Joan! I think I found the perfect perch. No

alliteration intended, of course.”

“Nancy. Please be kind just this once.”

“I’m not kidding Joan. Look over here.”

“Where are you?”

“Come around.”

“OH! MY!”

“Yes, oh my. I think it’s that nasty little

beast that had the cars backed up the

other day.”

“Could be. It certainly has the devil’s look

about it.”

“Joan, your imagination fascinates me.”

“I’m not imagining anything. You’re the

nut case.”

“I’ll file that under she’s annoyed. Now

Get up there and have a seat.”

“Not on your Nelly. It might bite. It

wouldn’t be the first time you lead

me into disaster.”



“It’s only a tractor. There’s no reason to

be afraid.”

“That’s what they said in that

horror flick..”

“What’s that?

“Be afraid. Be very afraid.”


©J.E.Goldie May 6 2019


the end almost






“It’s Not My Story” for Crimson Creative Challenge CCC#29 – May 30, 2019

Crimsonprose challenge May 29wacton-church-window

Crimson Creative Challenge #29 May 30, 2019

Another story in the continuing adventures of Nancy and Joan or Joan and Nancy. Hmm…… All written from photos, or prompts from photos taken by Crispina Kemp (Crimson Creative.) I think that’s it. 🙂



“Really Joan, come over here. Stand by this window.”

“I thought we were going to brunch.”

“I have a story.”

“Oh. Good. The sooner the better.”

“No! I mean it’s a really good one!”

“If you must.”

“I must.”

“O.K. but make it short.”

“How did you know?”

“Know what?”

“What happened.”

“Now I am puzzled.”

“The point is apparently this knight’s life got cut short.”

 “HA HA HA!”



“What’s so funny?”



“All knight’s had short lives.”

“They did?”

“Yes my dear Nancy. Terribly unfortunate.”

“Oh? Then what about all that armor?”



“This isn’t my story.”

©J.E.Goldie May 30, 2019 

the end almost

“Nancy I told you it wasn’t the end. YET.” 

“You kill me Joan.”

“I might”







“Now I have, heard everything.” In response to CrimsonProse CCC#28 Photo Challenge May 22, 2019


CrimsonProse photo Challenge May 22, 2019

This is the 7th short story about Nancy and Joan’s travelling adventures. They are all inspired by the personal photos presented by Crispina Kemp, taken on her wanderings through the countryside of her beloved home in England.

“Now I have, heard everything”

“Now I call that……”



“No Nancy, you’re not going in there.”




“But nothing! It looks like it going to cave

any minute.”

“No it doesn’t.”

“Look at that side roof.”

“Awe Nancy, where’s you sense of adventure?”

“You don’t want to know.”

“C’mon lets just take a wee peek.”

“Nancy. There’s no “Wee” in your vocabulary.”

“I won’t touch anything.”

“No! I said no. You’re curiousity is killing me.”



“The door is open.”

“No. The top part is open.”

“So we can look in then.”


“Yes Joan.”

“Oh alright, but just as you say, only a peek.”

“You coming?”

“Nope. It’s dark in there. Anything could

jump out!”

“I can’t go over there alone.”

“What! You, the intrepid adventurer can’t

go over there alone?”



“I’ll just ask you this one time and I promise

I’ll never ask you again.”

“Now I have, heard everything.”

©J.E.Goldie May 24, 2019


the end almost


“Um…Yes. You Did.” For Crimson’s Creative Challenge #CCC 27 May 15, 2019


Crimson’sCreative Challenge #CCC 27 May 15 2019

The Ladies are at it again 🙂

“Oh my! Joan just look at this!”

“Look at what?”

“This! This field!”

“It is beautiful. I must admit.”

“Just smell that fresh air! Reminds

me of my childhood.”

“Assuming you had one.”

“Joan! I love it when you jest.”

“Who’s jesting?”



“Why don’t we follow this path. See

where it takes us.”

“Now? I thought you were starving

for “dejeuner”.”

“Well, I am but this path intrigues me.”

“Nan I can well understand, knowing

your quest for adventure, but we have to eat.”

“I know. I know and I am hungry. Let’s follow

it a bit and enjoy the scenery.”

“I must admit it is intriguing.”

“Look, there must be a village close by

or a B&B for a good nosh.”

“AHHH! Ouch!  Eww!”

“Nancy are you ok?”

“I have a bootful of mud or something.”

“Let’s see.”

“OH! Don’t fuss over me.”

“What’s that horrid smell?”

“I’m not sure if I really want to

know Nancy.”

“Well we’ve got to get you cleaned up.”



“Seems we’re amuck again.”

“Well, you could say that Joan.”

“I could and I did.”

“Um, Yes, you did.”


©J.E.Goldie May 15, 2019


the end almost

Maybe Never LOL

“But Not Before Breakfast” Part 2 of 2 “So Be It” an extention of CCC#24 Crimsonprose



“Nancy. I’m ever so quickly beginning to realize you

have a definite penchant for getting us into messes.”


“When I picked you out of hundreds of applicants…”


“Yes. Hundreds. Your description, as I recall, said

you were the quiet, unassuming type and love to travel.”

“I do love to travel.”

“Yes. You do. Love to travel.”

“Now see here Joan, have I really caused you so much,


“No. Not agony. Actually.”

“Then what’s this all about Joan. Do tell. We have a

perfectly good lunch ahead of us. Let’s not spoil it.”

“Not that I could even attempt to spoil your lunch Nan.”

“Are you insinuating I’m fat!”

“Oh no. No, No No. Perhaps a tad plump but who cares.”

“And what’s that supposed to mean?”

“Nothing my dear, nothing, except getting stuck in a Church

Pew in the middle of services and yelping like a dog in heat

proves to be a little embarrassing.”

“They made them small in those days Joan, and I didn’t yelp.

“You definelty yelped. I heard you along with the entire

Congregation. The Minister almost forgot his sermon! He

was so concerned.”



“You’re being unfair.”

“Am I?”


“Then, I guess I’m sorry.”

“You guess?”

“Well, no.”

“Go on.”

“Well, I’m sorry Nancy. There, you have it.”

“So, we’ll go back after lunch.”

“Excuse me?”

“Yes, so I can continue my investigation”

“I didn’t know this was Dr. No, and tiny telephone

booths really aren’t your style Nan.”

“Ha Ha Ha.”

“Well, if we must, we must. You’re the intrepid

adventurer and I your devoted follower.”

“Awe Joan. That’s so nice of you to say.”

“I may regret it.”

“You get funnier everyday Joan.”

“I’m thrilled at your side armed compliment.

Promise me one thing.”

“What’s that?”

“We’ll have a quiet lunch and you’ll behave.”


“You called.”

“See? You’re so funny when you’re disgruntled.”

“Are you ready? Nan.”

“Onwards to dejeuner!”

“So be it.”

©J.E.Goldie 5/1/2019




“But Not Before Breakfast” Part II, “A Bellyful First”, in response to Crimsonprose #CCC24 prompt, “Knock Knock” April 27, 2019



“Two fried eggs, smoked streaky bacon, Cumberland sausage, roasted plum tomatoes, mushrooms and sourdough toast. Double the toast and jam.

And! You can bring me some Oat Porridge with, um, lets see.

Bananas sliced, mind you, and toasted hazelnuts. Oh! And blueberries, got! to have blueberries.”

“Are you finished Nancy or would you like a “Little” something else?”

“Yes please. A side of baked beans would do nicely.”

“And I’ll “Just have” Two poached eggs, halloumi, roasted plum tomato, charred red peppers, smashed avocado, hollandaise, pea shoots, mixed seeds and sourdough toast. That’ll do me nicely.”


“I’ll stick with a full-bodied, caffeinated black!”.

“Are you quite sure Nan?”

“Damn sure! Yes.”

“I’ll have the Lady Grey, thank you very much.”

“Nicely done Joan.”

“I’ll accept the praise Nan.”

“You’re welcome. What time is Church?”


“I said what time do we have to be at Church?”

“Well, I don’t know! Thought you would. It was

your idea,”

“We really shouldn’t be late Joan.”

“I should think not! How would we look. Two strangers

walking into a Parish Church Sunday morning late!”

“I should think ridiculously foolish.”


“Yes Joan.”

“I thought you were interested in the door.”

“Of course, I am. It’s ancient.”

“So, Nan. You really want to open the door.”

“Well I should think so!”



“mm hmm?”

“A door like that surely has secrets.”

“And you want to know the secret.”


“Knowing secrets can get you into trouble.”

“Well then call me trouble. I need to know.”

“O.K. Let’s eat. At least we’ll have a bellyful



©J.E.Goldie 4/29/2019

CrimsonProse Prompt #24 “Knock Knock” Apr. 27, 2019


the end almost

“But Not Before Breakfast” Part 1 of 2 in response to Crimsonprose #CCC24 “Knock Knock” April 27, 2019


Crimsonprose CCC24 Prompt “Knock Knock” April 26, 2019

“Nan? You up yet?

“I am now. You whined?”

“Nan, I was thinking.”

“Uh oh.”

“Very funny Nancy. You’re always grumpy

before breakfast!”

“I am not!”

“Oh?  Oh, yes you are!”

“Let your thoughts out. I wouldn’t want you

to burst before breakfast.”

“Oh, haha.”


“It’s Sunday.”


“And, I’d like to go to Church.”

“You what?”

“There’s this really old looking Church down

the road and I’d like to go inside.

You should see the door!”

“Oh, ok. That’s it?”

“No! That’s not IT, I haven’t been to Church

in awhile.”

“Joan. If you want to go, I’ll go with.

Wouldn’t hurt either of us. I could use a

good pray.”


“I knew there’d be a punch line.”

“I heard something about that Church,

that disturbed me.”

“I’d say keep it to yourself but under the

circumstances, spill.”

“It’s just a rumour, Nan.”

“Since when did “Just a rumour” get in your way.”

“Well I heard ….”

“Joan. Stop right there.”

“But I thought you wanted to know.”

“I do. I honestly, positively do!

But not before breakfast.”


©J.E.Goldie 4/27/2019


“Not Another Word” part II of II an extension of Crimson’s Photo Challenge #22 from Apr.11/2019 “And did those feet”



“You know Joan, its pretty nice these people letting us

stay on such short notice.”

“Yes! Especially since they could hardly see us for mud.

If you hadn’t had  our faces under a rock, maybe we

wouldn’t have almost drowned.”

“Nan! How was I to know they were going to flood the area.”

“Joan, if that guy hadn’t rushed over to warn us,

we might have really taken a tumble!”




“O.K. maybe I’m exaggerating a bit.”

“Bit! You’re making it sound like I was out to kill us. Nan,

I value my life way too much for that. Yours too, of course.”

“Nancy? Why were you so darned curious about those rocks?

I mean, besides the fact that they had a stripe or two.”

“Stripe or two! If we hadn’t been in such a damn hurry to get

out of there, I’d have told you.”

“Told me what? You have my undivided attention.

This better be good.”

“O.K. You see there’s this pink house.”

“Pink house. O.K.”





“I said Pink house Nan. You didn’t really have to repeat it.”

“Joan dear I was just making sure I was following correctly.”

“Right. So, as I was saying there’s this strange pink house.”


“Yes, Nancy?”

“Is this going to be a long story? I mean,

I’m a little tuckered out.”


©J.E.Goldie 4/19/2019


the end almost



“Not Another Word” part I of 2 in response to Crimson’s Creative Photo Challenge #22 #CCC “And Did Those Feet” Apr.11,2019



“Hey Joan, Come here.”

“What’s yah doing Nancy?”

“C’mon, kneel down. Get closer.”

“Oh, for heaven’s sake Nan my knees aren’t

like they used ta be. I’ll never get up!”




“Ok. Ok what’s so important.”

“Look here! These rocks are striped.”

“Ok. I’ll admit they’re striped. I could see

that standing.”

“Joan? Look around. Do you see any other

striped rocks around here?”

“No actually.”

“Right. Then why do you think they’re striped?”

“I really don’t know Nancy. But I do know you’re

probably gonna tell me.”

“Well, when I was in Glasgow last Summer…..”

“Hey! Hey Ladies! Get outta there, now!”

“You Sir are interrupting me!”

“Now ladies! Please! Can’t ya hear that?”




“Get your backpack. I think I saw a B and B

a mile back. Hopefully they’ll let us clean up there.

And Nancy?”


“Not a word. Not another word.”


©J.E.Goldie 4/14/2019