“Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid” in response to Crimson’s Creative Challenge CCC#30 June 6 2019 – Nancy & Joan’s Adventures Continue.


Crimson Creative Photo Challenge CCC#30 June 6 2019


“Nancy! Wait up!”

“Oh, sorry Joan. You o.k.?

“My dogs are killing me. I have to sit down.”

“I hate to tell you this but there’s nowhere

to sit.”

“O.k., Press on.”

“Joan! I think I found the perfect perch. No

alliteration intended, of course.”

“Nancy. Please be kind just this once.”

“I’m not kidding Joan. Look over here.”

“Where are you?”

“Come around.”

“OH! MY!”

“Yes, oh my. I think it’s that nasty little

beast that had the cars backed up the

other day.”

“Could be. It certainly has the devil’s look

about it.”

“Joan, your imagination fascinates me.”

“I’m not imagining anything. You’re the

nut case.”

“I’ll file that under she’s annoyed. Now

Get up there and have a seat.”

“Not on your Nelly. It might bite. It

wouldn’t be the first time you lead

me into disaster.”



“It’s only a tractor. There’s no reason to

be afraid.”

“That’s what they said in that

horror flick..”

“What’s that?

“Be afraid. Be very afraid.”


©J.E.Goldie May 6 2019


the end almost