“AHOY! CAPTAIN!” for Crimson Creative Challenge #36 July 18 2019



You have plenty of scope and only two criteria:

  • Your creative offering is indeed yours
  • Your writing is kept to 150 words or less

AHOY! CAPTAIN! – another Nancy and Joan adventure

“Oh! Be still my heart!”

“Joan? Are you ok?”

“I’ve never been better! Here I thought

that hayride would kill me.”

“Well you look pretty hardy to me.”

“I’m going to kiss you.”

“WAIT! Um what’s wrong?”

“Nothings wrong. Everything’s right!

However did you wrangle this one Nancy?”

“Wrangle what?”

“How did you get us on this ship? I love the sea!”

“It’s a ship?”

“In a minute I’m going to think it’s an hallucination.”

“Well, the old guy that picked us up runs it.

He offered us a boat trip.”

“You’re kidding right?”

“Somehow I wish I was.”



“I promise not to hug or kiss you if you

tell me I’m not dreaming.”

“You’re NOT dreaming!”


“I’m afraid to ask.”

“I love you!”


©J.E.Goldie July 18 2019


Mincarlo is the last surviving sidewinder fishing trawler of the Lowestoft fishing fleet She is also the last surviving fishing vessel built in Lowestoft, with an engine made in the town.


the end almost


“A Hayride” for Crimson’s Creative Challenge #35 July 10 2019



A HAYRIDE – another Nancy and Joan “Adventure”

“Nancy. You could have at the least

 rented us bikes.”

“Are you alright?”

“No. I’m not.”

“You do look a little peaked”


“Yes. How’s your breathing? Do you feel dizzy?”


“Here sit on this log for a bit.”

“Thank you.”

“It’s not that far to that little Church over there.”

“What Church.”

“Just over there near that patch of trees.”

“That speck? It must be a mile off.”

 “Look I’ll just walk on and see what’s up aways.

You sit tight.”

“I’m sitting tight and never moving again!”



“Yes. It’s my new name for you when you get cranky.”

“Well, Nanciful. Why don’t you…… Oh, never mind.”

 “Joan. I’ve never heard you talk this way.”

“I’m sorry. I’m exhausted and testy.”

“OK let’s start again. You sit…OH!

Listen! Did you hear something?”


“Up you get! We have a ride! HEY THERE! Over here!”

“Oh great. A hayride.”

©J.E.Goldie July 11, 2019


the end almost



“Just As You Say” for Crimson’s Creative Challenge #34 July 3, 2019


Crimson Creative Photo Challenge #34 July 3 2019



“Oh! What a gorgeous day!”

“I’ll have to agree with you on that.”

 “Thank you.”

“Nancy? What the name of that friend who

keeps intriguing you with these out of the way


“First of all, Joan. She’s an e-mail buddy.

We’re acquaintances. She knows quite a bit

about this countryside.”

“What’s her name. You must know that much.”

“If you must know her name is Crispina Kemp.

She’s an ardent photographer and extremely

Talented writer!”

“Your admiration is admirable!

Now will you tell me why we’re here?”

“I’m not sure.”

“Did she give you a hint?”

“No. But it looks like there could have been

a river here. They probably needed a bridge to cross it.

Let’s take a closer look.”

“I’m fine just where I am.

“Oh, come on!”

“NOT on you Nelly! Haven’t you noticed that

darkened spot beneath the pretty little bridge.”

“Probably just a stream.”

“Go ahead. I’ll wait here. But first give me your

buddy’s e-mail address, so I can send her the



“Yes. The hospital bills for your convalescence.”

“That’s silly. Just an inch or two of water.”

“Just as you say.”

©J.E.Goldie July 3, 2019


the end almost

“That’s Not Just Any Water Tower.” In response to Crimson’s Creative Challenge #32 June 19 2019


Crimson’s Creative Challenge #32 June 19 2019

Another story in the continuing adventures of Nancy and Joan

“That’s Not Just Any Water Tower

“I think it’s just up here somewhere.

Watch your step!”


“Yes Joan. Be careful.”

“Nancy. Are you quite alright?”

“How do you mean? I’m fine.”

“I can see you’re not fine.

You can’t kid a kidder!

Especially me!”

“I’m fine Joan.”

“O.K. Here’s a perennial question

for you. Why are we traipsing

around here anyways. There’s

nothing here but what’s left of

an old water tower.”

“Because! Just because!”



“You are driving me crazy with this

subterfuge! You’re starting to worry me.”

“Watch out!”


“There’s a hidden hole there.”

“Where? I don’t see anything!”

“Well just take my word for it.”

“O.K! Stop! Sit!”

“Sit where?”

“Here. On this log. Now tell me! I

know you. You’re hiding something.”

“Of course, I’m not.”

“Nancy. Sit! Now talk!”


“That’s not just any Water Tower.”

©J.E.Goldie June 19 2019


the end almost


“It’s Not My Story” for Crimson Creative Challenge CCC#29 – May 30, 2019

Crimsonprose challenge May 29wacton-church-window

Crimson Creative Challenge #29 May 30, 2019

Another story in the continuing adventures of Nancy and Joan or Joan and Nancy. Hmm…… All written from photos, or prompts from photos taken by Crispina Kemp (Crimson Creative.) I think that’s it. 🙂



“Really Joan, come over here. Stand by this window.”

“I thought we were going to brunch.”

“I have a story.”

“Oh. Good. The sooner the better.”

“No! I mean it’s a really good one!”

“If you must.”

“I must.”

“O.K. but make it short.”

“How did you know?”

“Know what?”

“What happened.”

“Now I am puzzled.”

“The point is apparently this knight’s life got cut short.”

 “HA HA HA!”



“What’s so funny?”



“All knight’s had short lives.”

“They did?”

“Yes my dear Nancy. Terribly unfortunate.”

“Oh? Then what about all that armor?”



“This isn’t my story.”

©J.E.Goldie May 30, 2019 

the end almost

“Nancy I told you it wasn’t the end. YET.” 

“You kill me Joan.”

“I might”







“Um…Yes. You Did.” For Crimson’s Creative Challenge #CCC 27 May 15, 2019


Crimson’sCreative Challenge #CCC 27 May 15 2019

The Ladies are at it again 🙂

“Oh my! Joan just look at this!”

“Look at what?”

“This! This field!”

“It is beautiful. I must admit.”

“Just smell that fresh air! Reminds

me of my childhood.”

“Assuming you had one.”

“Joan! I love it when you jest.”

“Who’s jesting?”



“Why don’t we follow this path. See

where it takes us.”

“Now? I thought you were starving

for “dejeuner”.”

“Well, I am but this path intrigues me.”

“Nan I can well understand, knowing

your quest for adventure, but we have to eat.”

“I know. I know and I am hungry. Let’s follow

it a bit and enjoy the scenery.”

“I must admit it is intriguing.”

“Look, there must be a village close by

or a B&B for a good nosh.”

“AHHH! Ouch!  Eww!”

“Nancy are you ok?”

“I have a bootful of mud or something.”

“Let’s see.”

“OH! Don’t fuss over me.”

“What’s that horrid smell?”

“I’m not sure if I really want to

know Nancy.”

“Well we’ve got to get you cleaned up.”



“Seems we’re amuck again.”

“Well, you could say that Joan.”

“I could and I did.”

“Um, Yes, you did.”


©J.E.Goldie May 15, 2019


the end almost

Maybe Never LOL

“A Very Long Trip” in response to CrimsonProse Photo Prompt #CCC26 May 8, 2019


CrimsonProse Photo Prompt #CCC26 May 8, 2010

(under 130 words)

A Very Long Trip



“Yes dear.”

“Over there. Isn’t that a…”

“Bunker.  Yes.”

“This is a pretty rocky…”

“Bank. Yes.”


“We’ll just have to watch our step.”

“Dan. Are we on this journey together?”

“I beg your pardon?”

“I asked you if we were on this trip


“Isn’t it obvious.”

“I’m not sure.”

“What’s the problem with you, Hon.”

“It’s not me who has the problem, Dan.”

“What are you insinuating, Darling.”

“This is going to be a very long trip.”

©J.E.Goldie May 8, 2019





“Listen To Me” in response to Crimsonprose photo prompt #CCC25 May 1, 2019


Crimsonprose photo prompt #CCC25 posted May 1,2019


“Hi Mom”

“Honey! Where are you?”

“I dunno.”

“What! What do you mean you don’t know!”


“You walk out and disappear for over a week and

you don’t know! You have no idea about my problems.

No! God! You’re even crazier than your Brother.”


“Don’t Mom me. You leave me here all alone with

everything that’s been going on, call me on that fancy

phone I bought you and you don’t know where you are.”



“Oh, nothing.”

“Look young lady! Don’t, Oh nothing me! Are you

even listening to me? No! You never listen to ME!”

©J.E.Goldie May 5, 2019






“The Pond” in response to CrimsonProse photo prompt CCC#25 May 1, 2019


She sat silently by the pond trying desperately to envision

his face. Looking into the water below her feet she could

remember days of laughter. Those days washed over her

like a warm breeze on a summer’s day, gently cooling her

skin.  Days filled with the simple things she still yearned for.

Memories of the gentleness of his touch, the genuine

warmth of his smile.


“Yes Love?”

“Do you really love me?”

“C’mere.” He said as he drew her close and

combed his fingers through her hair.

“Yes, I’ll love you, forever and ever.”


She then carefully, lovingly spread his ashes

through the soft sand of the pond.

Sleep well my love.

©J.E.Goldie 5/2/2019


CrimsonProse CCC#25 photo prompt May 2, 2019


“But Not Before Breakfast” Part II, “A Bellyful First”, in response to Crimsonprose #CCC24 prompt, “Knock Knock” April 27, 2019



“Two fried eggs, smoked streaky bacon, Cumberland sausage, roasted plum tomatoes, mushrooms and sourdough toast. Double the toast and jam.

And! You can bring me some Oat Porridge with, um, lets see.

Bananas sliced, mind you, and toasted hazelnuts. Oh! And blueberries, got! to have blueberries.”

“Are you finished Nancy or would you like a “Little” something else?”

“Yes please. A side of baked beans would do nicely.”

“And I’ll “Just have” Two poached eggs, halloumi, roasted plum tomato, charred red peppers, smashed avocado, hollandaise, pea shoots, mixed seeds and sourdough toast. That’ll do me nicely.”


“I’ll stick with a full-bodied, caffeinated black!”.

“Are you quite sure Nan?”

“Damn sure! Yes.”

“I’ll have the Lady Grey, thank you very much.”

“Nicely done Joan.”

“I’ll accept the praise Nan.”

“You’re welcome. What time is Church?”


“I said what time do we have to be at Church?”

“Well, I don’t know! Thought you would. It was

your idea,”

“We really shouldn’t be late Joan.”

“I should think not! How would we look. Two strangers

walking into a Parish Church Sunday morning late!”

“I should think ridiculously foolish.”


“Yes Joan.”

“I thought you were interested in the door.”

“Of course, I am. It’s ancient.”

“So, Nan. You really want to open the door.”

“Well I should think so!”



“mm hmm?”

“A door like that surely has secrets.”

“And you want to know the secret.”


“Knowing secrets can get you into trouble.”

“Well then call me trouble. I need to know.”

“O.K. Let’s eat. At least we’ll have a bellyful



©J.E.Goldie 4/29/2019

CrimsonProse Prompt #24 “Knock Knock” Apr. 27, 2019


the end almost

“But Not Before Breakfast” Part 1 of 2 in response to Crimsonprose #CCC24 “Knock Knock” April 27, 2019


Crimsonprose CCC24 Prompt “Knock Knock” April 26, 2019

“Nan? You up yet?

“I am now. You whined?”

“Nan, I was thinking.”

“Uh oh.”

“Very funny Nancy. You’re always grumpy

before breakfast!”

“I am not!”

“Oh?  Oh, yes you are!”

“Let your thoughts out. I wouldn’t want you

to burst before breakfast.”

“Oh, haha.”


“It’s Sunday.”


“And, I’d like to go to Church.”

“You what?”

“There’s this really old looking Church down

the road and I’d like to go inside.

You should see the door!”

“Oh, ok. That’s it?”

“No! That’s not IT, I haven’t been to Church

in awhile.”

“Joan. If you want to go, I’ll go with.

Wouldn’t hurt either of us. I could use a

good pray.”


“I knew there’d be a punch line.”

“I heard something about that Church,

that disturbed me.”

“I’d say keep it to yourself but under the

circumstances, spill.”

“It’s just a rumour, Nan.”

“Since when did “Just a rumour” get in your way.”

“Well I heard ….”

“Joan. Stop right there.”

“But I thought you wanted to know.”

“I do. I honestly, positively do!

But not before breakfast.”


©J.E.Goldie 4/27/2019


“Hope Not…” in response to Crimson’s Creative Challenge: CCC 23 Apr.18, 2019 “Papa Painted The Walls”



“But I like this house John. It’s cute.”

“It may be cute Beth, but its odd somehow.”

“Why? Because of the colour?”

“Well, that yes, and it’s a mess.”

“John, of course it’s a mess. You would

be too left sitting with no one to care

about you. Like I do.”

“Beth. You’re trying to sweet talk me.”

“Who me?”

“Yes you. You’re just too wonderful Beth.

What would I do without you?”

“You wouldn’t buy this adorable house.”

“O.K. My sweet. We’ll buy it, but on one


“Oh? What’s that?”

“When the locals give us the instructions

for a new paint job. You won’t complain.”

“Easily done John. Why would that bother


“Oh! I don’t know, but I think it has to do

with New Comers and you might have to

sacrifice something, somehow.”

“Oh John! You kill me!”

“Hope not.”

©J.E.Goldie 4/19/2019


Crimson’s Creative Challenge #23 Apr. 18, 2019


“Not Another Word” part II of II an extension of Crimson’s Photo Challenge #22 from Apr.11/2019 “And did those feet”



“You know Joan, its pretty nice these people letting us

stay on such short notice.”

“Yes! Especially since they could hardly see us for mud.

If you hadn’t had  our faces under a rock, maybe we

wouldn’t have almost drowned.”

“Nan! How was I to know they were going to flood the area.”

“Joan, if that guy hadn’t rushed over to warn us,

we might have really taken a tumble!”




“O.K. maybe I’m exaggerating a bit.”

“Bit! You’re making it sound like I was out to kill us. Nan,

I value my life way too much for that. Yours too, of course.”

“Nancy? Why were you so darned curious about those rocks?

I mean, besides the fact that they had a stripe or two.”

“Stripe or two! If we hadn’t been in such a damn hurry to get

out of there, I’d have told you.”

“Told me what? You have my undivided attention.

This better be good.”

“O.K. You see there’s this pink house.”

“Pink house. O.K.”





“I said Pink house Nan. You didn’t really have to repeat it.”

“Joan dear I was just making sure I was following correctly.”

“Right. So, as I was saying there’s this strange pink house.”


“Yes, Nancy?”

“Is this going to be a long story? I mean,

I’m a little tuckered out.”


©J.E.Goldie 4/19/2019


the end almost



“Not Another Word” part I of 2 in response to Crimson’s Creative Photo Challenge #22 #CCC “And Did Those Feet” Apr.11,2019



“Hey Joan, Come here.”

“What’s yah doing Nancy?”

“C’mon, kneel down. Get closer.”

“Oh, for heaven’s sake Nan my knees aren’t

like they used ta be. I’ll never get up!”




“Ok. Ok what’s so important.”

“Look here! These rocks are striped.”

“Ok. I’ll admit they’re striped. I could see

that standing.”

“Joan? Look around. Do you see any other

striped rocks around here?”

“No actually.”

“Right. Then why do you think they’re striped?”

“I really don’t know Nancy. But I do know you’re

probably gonna tell me.”

“Well, when I was in Glasgow last Summer…..”

“Hey! Hey Ladies! Get outta there, now!”

“You Sir are interrupting me!”

“Now ladies! Please! Can’t ya hear that?”




“Get your backpack. I think I saw a B and B

a mile back. Hopefully they’ll let us clean up there.

And Nancy?”


“Not a word. Not another word.”


©J.E.Goldie 4/14/2019



“Stay Close” in response to Crimson’s Creative Photo Challenge #22 #CCC Apr. 10, 2019



“Ladies and Gentlemen please stay close as we approach this area.”

“What’s the big deal Pat? It’s a path with stones. It looks like cars or something have driven through here.”

“You always question things. If the man says to stay close, then for heaven’s sake stay close! Or would you rather be close to her, over there?”

“Where?  Oh! “

“Pat! Eyes back in sockets. Just stay close to me. Okay? Too much to ask?”

 “If you look closely, you’ll notice the stones are randomly set. That is, to say, they were never actually placed here.

I m-meant to s-say, they weren’t  r-really put here by anyone, or anything in p-particular. I mean, oh never mind. Just stay close.”

 “C’mon let’s go explore, Pat. How bout it?”

“Well Men! Looks like we lost two more. Ken, contact the next of kin”


©J.E.Goldie 04/11/2019

Crimson’s Creative Photo Prompt #22 Apr. 10, 2019


“Old Crank’s Creek” in response to Crimson’s Creative Challenge #21 4/3/2019



“Yah mean that pond down the there?” he gestured

“That’s Old Cranks’s Creek. Nobody much goes there, cept a few.

They say it’s a least a hundred foot below her. I liken it’s so, cause them that’s in the know, don’t go.” He grinned

“They say, at night, there’s a strange glow comes straight up the middle. I reckon that’s true too.” He said thoughtfully

“See over yonder? Just over there? That white patch? That’s where they put ‘em.” he pointed.

“I ain’t heard it myself, but they say, when the moon’s full, there’s moanin and groanin.” he said with a glint.

“Won’t see me within hundred foot of her.” he added stroking his beard.

“No sir!”

“But I ain’t stopping yah. Why don’t yah go?” he said looking towards the pond.

“That is, if you’ve a mind ta.”  he added, and winked.


©J.E.Goldie 4/3/2019


Crimson’s Creative Challenge #21 4/3/2019

GoDogGo Cafe Promote Youself Monday April 15. 2018




“Nathan’s Green” in response to Crimson’s Creative Challenge #19 “High Noon Lane” – flash fiction




Welp, coulda bin 10 years on, come ta think. Pretty little thing, she was. Born on Nathan’s farm up yonder. Her folks jest up and disappeared. They say it was round noon they found her. Jest layin there in the tall grass out near the lane. That’s why they decided on callin it, High Noon Lane. Seemed appropriate to most folks. Me, I’d a called it Nathan’s Green.


Well hell! Why d’yah think? Dumb City folk don’t know a lane from a pile a grass.

©Jen Goldie 3/20/2019

Crimson’s Creative Challenge #19 “High Noon Lane”


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