“The Party” Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #8 #FFFC April 8, 2019


“I think we’re early”

“What makes you think that you moron!”

“Well look! No one’s here. You sure this is the right place?”

“Have I ever, ever steered you wrong? C’mon spill! Have I?”

“Well there was that time 5 years ago when you……”

“Stop it right there buddy. Are we gonna delve into our murky pasts now? Get real! Look, it says right here. Shit! I lost the invite!”

“Oh I see and not once have you ever, and I repeat ever, steered me wrong.”

“You wanna step outside!. Let’s go yah wimp! “

“Excuse me Sirs. Which side of the bereaved family are you on?”


©J.E.Goldie 4/8/2019

Word Count: 118 including title

Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #8 April 8, 2019 #FFFC