“The Law’s Side” for Sammi Cox Weekend Writing Prompt#105 “Denial” May 11 2019


Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt#105 May 11, 2019




77 words

“You know he’s gonna disavow any knowledge of this.

don’t you. Just accept the facts.”

“He can’t! Everyone saw him.”


“What? That’s crazy. The guy’s in denial.

He’s nuts!”

“Nonacceptance of the facts isn’t crazy.”

“We’ll get people to testify. Under oath.”


“Awe c’mon you can’t lie in court.”

“Could have been, um, his doppelganger.”

“OH! You really have gone over the edge.”

“Don’t blame me.”

“Just who’s side are you on?”

”The Law’s side”

©J.E.Goldie May 11, 2019



“Transformation” in response to Sammi’s Writing 104 Word Prompt #102 “Impress” Apr. 20, 2019


Sammiscribbles Prompt #102



“Ah! C’mon Jerry! Yah win some an

you lose some. You know that!”

“Yah I know Eddie, but this was prime!”

“Jerry. Every time you lose it was prime!”

“Ed? I worked on this one for over a year.

“O.K. Jer. Some just don’t transform

the way you want them to. Get it?”

“But I really liked the odds Ed. How could

I have been so wrong.”

“Um Jerry?”


“Yah always impress me. But yah can’t

make a silk purse outta a sow’s ear.

All that glitters ain’t gold.

Never mind there’s others.”

“Very funny! Very funny!”

“Funny? Hell no! I was impressed!”

©J.E.Goldie 4/21/2019


Butterfly lifecycle transformation

“The Professional” in response to SammiCox weekend “61 word” writing prompt #101: “Charlatan” April 13, 2019


61 word “Charlatan writing prompt”

*Some words in this prompt may offend*

The Professional

Why you swindler!

You fabricating, faker!

You unmitigated bounder!

How dare you, you

Conniving charlatan!

You imposter! You imitator!

You shamming shark!

You four-flushing phony!

You double-dealing hypocrite!

You Fucking asshole!!!

“That’ll be twenty bucks.”


“Yeah twenty. You only asked for

the cheap degradation deal.

another twenty and I will

take you to hell.”

“No, it’s ok I’m done.”


©J.E.Goldie 4/17/2019