“The Dinner” – Good Friday 4/19/2019



“Yes Helen.”

“Why aren’t you on-line?”

“It’s Good Friday Helen.”

“George, really! Why am I making dinner

for 10 people? Which reminds me, will

you please take out the trash.”

“Of course, Helen, just let me finish this brief.”

“Brief? You’re working?”

“Yes, I told them I’d have it done by Tuesday…”

“That’s 3 days away George.”

“I know my days of the week Helen, dear.”

“I don’t like that tone of voice, and don’t call

me dear. It feels patronizing.”

“O.K. Helen, I get your point.”

“George, I haven’t gotten to my point yet.”

“Well, Hon, be my guest I’m all ears.”

“Before I forget, your new suit is in the

upstairs closet and I put the shirt and tie

with it.”

“What shirt and tie?”

“The shirt and tie I want you to wear. That

shirt and tie!”

“Helen, I’m capable of dressing myself. I’ve

been doing it for years.”

“Yes, I know,”

“Excuse me?”

“I usually do George, but it’s Good Friday,

plus, we have guests coming. No excuses.”



“Will you let me in on the original point of

this, discussion please.”

“O.K. You’re usually so adamant about being on

line with your “Friends”.”

“Yes, I am. We have global issues to discuss. The

world’s going to hell in a hand bag, or hadn’t you


“Oh, I’ve noticed George.”

“So, what’s your point.”

“George you spend all of your time on-line,

with your cronies discussing the horrors we

see everyday.”

“That’s called responsibility Helen.”

“Yes, I get that.”


“And, on one of the Holiest Days of the year, you

abandon those responsibilities, and your friends.

I wonder what Jesus would have to say

about that?”

“That’s not fair! This isn’t about Jesus!”

“George? I thought it was all about Jesus.”


“Now please take out the trash. I have to peel

the potatoes.”


©J.E.Goldie 4/19.2019 (Good Friday)



-Or the beginning-



“Not Another Word” part II of II an extension of Crimson’s Photo Challenge #22 from Apr.11/2019 “And did those feet”



“You know Joan, its pretty nice these people letting us

stay on such short notice.”

“Yes! Especially since they could hardly see us for mud.

If you hadn’t had  our faces under a rock, maybe we

wouldn’t have almost drowned.”

“Nan! How was I to know they were going to flood the area.”

“Joan, if that guy hadn’t rushed over to warn us,

we might have really taken a tumble!”




“O.K. maybe I’m exaggerating a bit.”

“Bit! You’re making it sound like I was out to kill us. Nan,

I value my life way too much for that. Yours too, of course.”

“Nancy? Why were you so darned curious about those rocks?

I mean, besides the fact that they had a stripe or two.”

“Stripe or two! If we hadn’t been in such a damn hurry to get

out of there, I’d have told you.”

“Told me what? You have my undivided attention.

This better be good.”

“O.K. You see there’s this pink house.”

“Pink house. O.K.”





“I said Pink house Nan. You didn’t really have to repeat it.”

“Joan dear I was just making sure I was following correctly.”

“Right. So, as I was saying there’s this strange pink house.”


“Yes, Nancy?”

“Is this going to be a long story? I mean,

I’m a little tuckered out.”


©J.E.Goldie 4/19/2019


the end almost



“I Might” in response to Reena’s Exploration Challenge #83 April 18, 2019 Photo Prompt: “Perspective” by Jen Goldie





“Hi Kelly! Did you get those shoe’s you wanted?”

“No, they were out of my size.”

“Awe, I know how much you wanted them.

Couldn’t they order a pair in your size, from

another store?”

“No. Apparently they’re completely out of stock.”

“Damn. I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be. I’ll survive.”

“Hey! How about we take in that new Art Show

downtown? They say it’s amazing! It’s called,

The Human Perspective.”

“What? A bunch of dummies hanging upside

down, overhead? Are you serious?”

“Yeah, I’m dead serious.”

“Now there’s, a perfect perspective.”

“Kelly! You kill me!”

“I might.”


©J.E.Goldie 4/18/2019


Reena’s Exploration Challenge #83 Apr.18/2019


“The Professional” in response to SammiCox weekend “61 word” writing prompt #101: “Charlatan” April 13, 2019


61 word “Charlatan writing prompt”

*Some words in this prompt may offend*

The Professional

Why you swindler!

You fabricating, faker!

You unmitigated bounder!

How dare you, you

Conniving charlatan!

You imposter! You imitator!

You shamming shark!

You four-flushing phony!

You double-dealing hypocrite!

You Fucking asshole!!!

“That’ll be twenty bucks.”


“Yeah twenty. You only asked for

the cheap degradation deal.

another twenty and I will

take you to hell.”

“No, it’s ok I’m done.”


©J.E.Goldie 4/17/2019







The Hand Bill



Statement: So! O.K. What’s this?

Answer: A hand bill.

Statement: A hand Bill.

Answer: Yes. Read it.

Statement: More junk!

Statement: Just read it.

Answer: What a waste of time!

Question: Well?

Answer: Just throw it out!

Statement: O.K.! I will.

Statement: Well do it!

Statement: O.K.!

Statement: Here! Gimme that!

Statement: No! Never mind.

Demand: Gimme! What’s it say for God’s Sake!

Statement:  I Love You.

Answer: God! More junk!





“Not Another Word” part I of 2 in response to Crimson’s Creative Photo Challenge #22 #CCC “And Did Those Feet” Apr.11,2019



“Hey Joan, Come here.”

“What’s yah doing Nancy?”

“C’mon, kneel down. Get closer.”

“Oh, for heaven’s sake Nan my knees aren’t

like they used ta be. I’ll never get up!”




“Ok. Ok what’s so important.”

“Look here! These rocks are striped.”

“Ok. I’ll admit they’re striped. I could see

that standing.”

“Joan? Look around. Do you see any other

striped rocks around here?”

“No actually.”

“Right. Then why do you think they’re striped?”

“I really don’t know Nancy. But I do know you’re

probably gonna tell me.”

“Well, when I was in Glasgow last Summer…..”

“Hey! Hey Ladies! Get outta there, now!”

“You Sir are interrupting me!”

“Now ladies! Please! Can’t ya hear that?”




“Get your backpack. I think I saw a B and B

a mile back. Hopefully they’ll let us clean up there.

And Nancy?”


“Not a word. Not another word.”


©J.E.Goldie 4/14/2019



“Yes, Miss Cross…” in response to “Reena Saxena’s Exploration Challenge #82” April 11, 2019

Black Hole


“Ryan. Please collect your things.”

“Yes, Miss Cross.”

“Ryan? Don’t doddle. You always doddle!”

“Yes, Miss Cross.”

“Ryan? Have you heard a word I’ve said in the last

ten minutes? It’s been at least ten minutes since I

first asked you to get yourself ready. Are you lost in

that tiny little head of yours?”

“Yes, Miss Cross.”

“Ryan. Listen to me please.”

“Yes, Miss Cross.”

“Okay, I’ve had enough. That black hole you refer to

as your mind, is nothing but empty space. Are you

listening to me?”

“Yes, Miss Cross.”

“Just leave Ryan, get out of my sight!”

“Yes, Miss Cross.”


©Jen Goldie 4/13/2019


Reena’s Exploration Challenge #22 posted April 11, 2019


What Do You Want?



question: What have I done to you now?

answer: Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

question: So, what’s wrong?

answer: Why do you ask?

statement: You seem so distant.

reply: Didn’t know you cared to know.

question: Why do you say that?

answer: Didn’t think you were interested.

statement: Of course, I am.

question: So, you called then?

question: Called when?

statement: That’s what I mean.

question: What do you mean?

statement: You called because you care.

statement: I didn’t call.

statement: That’s what I mean.

question: What the hell have I done?

answer: Nothing…absolutely nothing.

statement: Fine.

answer: Yup.

question: What’s the matter with you?

answer: People like you.

question: What’s that supposed to mean?

answer: You figure it out.

statement: You’re strange.

statement: Typical response.

statement: Forget it!

statement: Just what I’ve been trying to do.

statement: Oh, cold shoulder routine.

statement: No, Survival tactics.

question: What?

statement: Expect nothing…get nothing.

question: What the hell do you want?

answer: Nothing, absolutely nothing.

question: So, what’s wrong?

question: Why do you ask?

©Jen Goldie 


“Stay Close” in response to Crimson’s Creative Photo Challenge #22 #CCC Apr. 10, 2019



“Ladies and Gentlemen please stay close as we approach this area.”

“What’s the big deal Pat? It’s a path with stones. It looks like cars or something have driven through here.”

“You always question things. If the man says to stay close, then for heaven’s sake stay close! Or would you rather be close to her, over there?”

“Where?  Oh! “

“Pat! Eyes back in sockets. Just stay close to me. Okay? Too much to ask?”

 “If you look closely, you’ll notice the stones are randomly set. That is, to say, they were never actually placed here.

I m-meant to s-say, they weren’t  r-really put here by anyone, or anything in p-particular. I mean, oh never mind. Just stay close.”

 “C’mon let’s go explore, Pat. How bout it?”

“Well Men! Looks like we lost two more. Ken, contact the next of kin”


©J.E.Goldie 04/11/2019

Crimson’s Creative Photo Prompt #22 Apr. 10, 2019


Katharine Hepburn – A story



It was 1976. It was The Royal Alexander Theatre in Toronto, Ontario.  There I was standing inches from Katharine Hepburn, with buckling knees, I might add, having been pushed through the crowds by a “friend”. We’d just seen “A Matter of Gravity”.



The view from the second balcony was exceptional, sort of. I say exceptional, exceptionally high, that is. We made our way out of the theatre amongst the formerly dressed Theatre Crowd and proceeded to go home. That’s when we saw a gathering of people and the adventure began. I was coaxed into asking her for her autograph and she politely said “No”. She must have seen the look of horror on my face. She quickly remedied the discomfort by saying that I should give my Program to the Box Office and could pick it up tomorrow. Little did I know that the encounter would result in over 15 years of correspondence, as succinct as it was, most of the time. Miss Hepburn was known for her short greetings, even amongst her friends.

After the encounter we were on cloud nine. Thoughts of going home became, where can we get a drink and talk about this. We quickly found a bar and discussed the situation. After a few drinks we made a pact. We planned to hand-deliver 2 pink carnations after every remaining performance. We didn’t consider the fact that it was in the dead of Winter or how difficult it could be to buy 2 pink carnations at any given time. We were too young to worry about details. The goal was the goal. There wasn’t anything we couldn’t do if we set our minds to it. So, we set the pact, toasted to our resolution and went home.

I’m not quite sure where we got the carnations but one of us must have bought them on the way home. Home being a good forty-five minute subway ride from the downtown area. We hadn’t considered the travelling aspect of our venture, but that didn’t effect our determination.

We faithfully stood at the same location each visit. Not wanting to be in her face, we decided that a good distance from the front of house stage door would be more polite. Each time we casually presented her with the two carnations, unwrapped and respectfully visible.

As time went on she would stride towards us and jokingly chide us about spending our money on her. We’d quickly pass the time of day and Fisher, her driver, would escort her to the car. Yes, the car, just a simple sedan, nothing over blown. No pretense with this woman. She’d climb in, and one time she looked back and said, I’m just an old dog. Then off they’d go to The Windsor Arms Hotel. The hotel had a special suite for her visits.



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It was interesting how people began to wonder who we were. It appeared to them that we must have been great friends as she’d come straight to us. Somewhat amusing, but she was that gracious and did as she pleased, much to the chagrin of her well dressed public.  Somehow, she knew we simply were expressing our admiration in a small way and wanted nothing in return. She knew that instinctively.

As I said before, it was the dead of winter. One matinee day, we were standing in our usual spot and realized that her car and Fisher were nowhere to be seen. Suddenly Fisher comes running towards us waving us to come with him. As it turned out, she decided to leave by the back-stage door. So, we followed him. We made ourselves comfortable on a snow bank and waited. She came out and told us she wanted to get a nap before the evening show, accepted her flowers and headed to the car. The saddest thing was that the few mink clad theatre goers that happened to be out back began to bang on her car window. It was quite the show.

One extremely cold day, for some reason, we’d bought the carnations the day before. To keep them fresh we put them on the inside windowsill. HORRORS! They had frozen overnight and we had no option but to take them to her. So we tentatively made our way to the Theatre. She was as gracious as ever.

Towards the end of the run she asked us if we’d like to see the show. As we’d already seen it we hesitated. Well? She said a little confused. It was almost a slight on our part. Of course, we said and that was that. I’m inviting you to the final performance. You can pick up the tickets at the box office. Just ask for K.H. tickets, she said.



Well here we were at The Royal Alexander Theatre being ushered down to the front row, two carnations in hand. She’d given us seats down left of the stage, where the majority of here scenes were played. We felt a little out-of-place but knew, she knew, we’d be there. I must say we felt very special. She had a way of doing just that.

One thing she didn’t tell us, and why would she, was that Ms. Hepburn refused to work and indeed live, anywhere with temperatures above 60 degrees. We froze. She insisted that the stage door be open which, as I knew, was directly behind stage left, not far from where we were seated.

After the show Fisher made sure we had our goodbyes and Ms. Hepburn got her flowers from us. She told us, in a note, that all of the carnations were still beautiful, even the frozen one’s survived.



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The Letter:

“You are very sweet-you two-standing out in the alley

with your toll.

I do really enjoy flowers.

And they last and last because I use very little heat.

So the collection of carnations grows and grows.

Even those two frozen ones survive – so do we –

don’t we – if someone takes care as you do of me.

You two make me happy.

Thank You. Katharine Hepburn”


The experience was very special. There was no pretense. No ulterior motives. Just another journey. We sent short letters, and the usual holiday greetings to her in New York, which she replied to. Some type written, perhaps by her personal assistant, Phyllis at the time, but always signed. I could see that her signature was getting shakier. One funny exchange, we’d asked how her foot was. Her hand written response was “The wheel chair version is rather fun.”

I continued to write. At one point in 1982 she wrote back, after having hurt her shoulder. “I’m fine – – the papers are slightly idiotic – – just a shoulder tear.” I saw her signature getting less and less steady.

The last letter I have is from a response dated III – 10 – 1994. 

“Dear Jennifer – Thankyou –”



Born: May 12, 1907, Hartford, Connecticut

DIED June 29, 2003 (aged 96)
Saybrook, Connecticut



“But Mom!” in response to BrewNSpew word prompt “Pretend” Apr.8,2019



“Well young man! I’ve had just about enough of your silly games! You make up such nonsense. Honestly! You live in a world of fantasy, just like your father used to!”

“But Mom, it’s …”

“You’ll get that butt into your room RIGHT NOW!”

“Mom? It’s really gonna…”

“If  you MOM! me one more time and don’t get moving, I might do something I’ll regret! Now Move!”

“Yes Ma’am”

“Yes, Ma’am what?”

“Yes, Ma’am I’m sorry”.

“That’s better! Now Go!”

“Yes Mom.”

“Well, Mrs. Parker, there’s really nothing we can do here. It seems he just, um, slipped away. We can’t pretend to find anything that would account for his, um, death. G’day.”

©J.E.Goldie 4/09/2019

BrewNSpew word prompt “Pretend” April 8, 2019


“Old Crank’s Creek” in response to Crimson’s Creative Challenge #21 4/3/2019



“Yah mean that pond down the there?” he gestured

“That’s Old Cranks’s Creek. Nobody much goes there, cept a few.

They say it’s a least a hundred foot below her. I liken it’s so, cause them that’s in the know, don’t go.” He grinned

“They say, at night, there’s a strange glow comes straight up the middle. I reckon that’s true too.” He said thoughtfully

“See over yonder? Just over there? That white patch? That’s where they put ‘em.” he pointed.

“I ain’t heard it myself, but they say, when the moon’s full, there’s moanin and groanin.” he said with a glint.

“Won’t see me within hundred foot of her.” he added stroking his beard.

“No sir!”

“But I ain’t stopping yah. Why don’t yah go?” he said looking towards the pond.

“That is, if you’ve a mind ta.”  he added, and winked.


©J.E.Goldie 4/3/2019


Crimson’s Creative Challenge #21 4/3/2019

GoDogGo Cafe Promote Youself Monday April 15. 2018




A gathering of Stars VI – Touched by an Angel….



Nine was puzzled, but pleasantly puzzled. He had a distinct feeling of Joy and harmony at the same time, but he was billowed.

How could this feeling be, he pondered, as he gazed across the now, brilliant sky, glowing and new. Brilliant blue. A few minutes before he’d felt lost and hopeless.

He drifted silently watching, as Dawn escorted Day into position with her floating array of mystery. He was constantly in awe of her beauty. He saw Day, as usual, acknowledging Night, as he slipped away, his stars and starlets still twinkling, in tow. North was still as bright and powerful as ever, but now fading with the brightness of Day. All looked well.

And Moon, well he guessed he was still sleeping his woes away behind some wayward cloud, unseen. That was a good thing, he thought, perhaps Moon would be edging his way back slowly on the morrow and less sorrowful, as Moon’s are apt to do.

Such a commotion had never been witnessed before last night, he pondered. At least not in his cloud-line. There was such a deep and powerful feeling of despondency throughout the entire celestial body. So deeply felt and so strong that it must have shaken the universe, he concluded. Like ocean waves rising high and plummeting below into the depths of sorrow.

Something possessed him to take a good long look below. Something he’d been reluctant to do for years, he sighed. Unexpectedly, a deep, long awaited and joyful smile embraced him. It was no longer about what he saw but what he could see. A new Dawn. A new Day.

He looked inward, his dappled grey had transformed into an iridescent white. He was himself once again and he knew why.

In the blink of an eye and as an answer to their cries,

they had been touched by an Angel.


©Jen Goldie 4/1/2019



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Her name was Alice……



Her name was Alice. Ali to everyone. Ali was a part of us all, whether

we liked it or not, whether we liked her or not. That’s the way it goes.

Whether we liked her or not depended on whether we knew her or not.

A conundrum.

She spoke her mind. More than that, she said what was on her mind at any given moment. A fault? Who hasn’t faults. I personally loved and hated the woman at the same time. I’m sure I cursed her more than anyone I know.

You could curse her to her face.

She knew where it was coming from. 

She was strong,

she was weak.


She was all of us wrapped up into a 5′ nothing package that warmed us one moment

and riled us the next.

She stood up for us all, as best she could. She was ready to do life to the limit!

Let’s love!

Let’s fight!

Let’s scream

Let’s curse the hell out of life!

Let’s just do it!

She knew what fighting was all about. She knew it early on in her life. She was woman alone with children.

She was proud and

demanding and


and loving. 

If you knew Ali, I need say no more.

If you ever met her,

I’m sure you’d remember the meeting.

If you never met her you missed someone very special on this planet.

She’s gone now,

But she’s still with the lucky one’s who knew her.

©Jen Goldie 



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A gathering of Stars – V – I wonder…



“Watcha talkin bout man! Watcha mean, ain’t never gonna be no moon again. That’s just dust! Shake it off brother!” taunted Sam.

“I’m tellin yah Bro! Listen up why doncha! Ain’t no dust on my billow. Check yourself out!” Grumbled Aadan.

“You bin listinin to them Starlettes agin? Man you got it bad!” jabbed Sam.

Aadan slowly drifted towards Sam, and looked straight into the centre of his cloud vapor.

“Mr. Sampson!” added Aadan, “ When my Dude Nine gets worried, I GET WORRIED! He ain’t no fluff! I got it right from the clouds mouth, Ok?”

“Hey you guys! Billow up! Here comes Nine!” whispered Aari anxiously.

“How is it that every time I see you puffs, you’re in a stratus?” He growled.

“Spread out! It’s already dark enough. We need to help North and the Stars shine through! Now, MOVE OUT!” Thundered Nine.

“Puffs!” he sighed, under his breath.

“Ok, where was I?” he pondered as he drifted slowly. “Ah yes, I am in a mess, I have to talk to Dawn, AND to top it off I am talking to myself.” He sighed.  

Just then a long shadow slipped into view. He shivered and shifted, so did the shadow. He swayed and it followed. It enveloped him in a soothing kind of way.

“Can I help you?” he offered kindly.

“Are you lost?” he questioned softly.

Still no answer, yet an ever questioning silence brought a sense of sadness to the celestial night air.

“Do I know you?” he once again offered. He began to feel a terrible melancholy.

“Can I help you?” he pleaded.

No amount of kindness or platitude could get a response. As quickly as it came it slipped away, leaving him desperately hoping it would return. He felt a kind of loss and sadness tinged with a sense of hope. As he looked towards the horizon, he saw Dawn and felt peace. A lovely, bright sense of peace.


©J.E.Goldie 3/31/2019




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Benjamin’s Watch


He rubbed his dirty and tear-streaked face and marched home to a certain doom. A doom, which to him meant staying in the cluttered and dusty front yard and listening to the screams of the other children in the fairy-demon land of the woods across the field. No more running-tag in the meadow with undiscovered friends, and sweet treats from the candy-store at the crossroads. No more talking with jolly old Mr. Tumbleton, who had a real neet basement where he could explore and discover “stuff” from way back in the days of Marco Polo, and Eric the Red and all those guys.

How do you tell your Mom that you lost the brand-new wrist watch that your Uncle gave you that very morning, while we were all waving good-bye and good-luck. No! There’s no possible way. He laid himself down in a clump of dandelions and got to thinking.


“I’ll just have to walk up to her and say”, “Mom, I….” Nope! I just can’t break it to her. I’ll say, “Mom! A mean old hermit jumped me in the woods and took off with it…” or maybe “Mom I had to trade it for my life! when a bald man with a gun told to me to “Hand it over! or he’d shoot me!”

Mom’d probably rather have the wrist-watch anyhow; than a “dirty urchin.” That’s what she calls me, “A dirty urchant!”. Boy, she really knows how to hurt a guy. No! No! I just won’t go home tonight. Ya! and she’ll be so happy to see me again, she’ll forget about the crumby-old watch anyhow!

Na! it’s too cold outside in the night-time. I’ll just have to wait out here ’til it’s late and sneak in. I’ll get up real early and jump on the 6 o’clock train. I guess I’ll just ride on and on, forever! Yup! That’s what I’ll do ’cause that way nobody will get hurt.  Not Mom. Not Dad. ‘Specially not me. Maybe I can get Jerry to go with me. He’ll come! I know he will ’cause we’re blood-brothers ’til the end!

He wandered across the meadow and backed-trailed through the woods, but his friend was no-where to be found. Still calling for Jerry, he made his way across the meadow until he was in sight of his home. Suddenly there was his mother, calling to him from down the road. “Are you ready for dinner son? Your Dad will be home soon.” “Uh,..No! I’d kinda like to stay out a little longer. O.K. Mom?.” “O.K. son, but don’t wander off. I’ll be watching you from the kitchen window. You know what your Dad would say if you held up his dinner.” “O.K. Mom.” 

His mother left him standing there confused and worried. What was he ever going to say to her? What was he going to say to his dad? He sat down again trying to remember the wonderful feeling he had had when the watch was given to him. He had never had anything really grown-up. It seemed to have been there one minute and gone the next. At that moment he heard the honk of a horn which announced the arrival of his father everyday at five o’clock.

“Coming in for dinner son? or are you going to stay out here all night? Hey! Wake up boy! How was your day?” He didn’t know what to say to his dad and was almost in tears at the thought of having to tell him he’d lost the precious gift that had been trustingly given to him. “Guess dinner’s on the table son. Let’s go in.” Father and son approached the tiny, country cottage. What was he going to say? Every step he took got him closer and closer to an unhappy conclusion, to what started out to be a wonderful day. “You’d better go up and wash son, and show your Mom that she doesn’t have to tell you to do things all the time. That’s my young man.”

The boy slowly mounted the stairs, thinking about the disillusionment that his mom and dad would feel. He was ashamed. He’s just have to tell them right out and if they asked him to pack, he’d pack. He guessed Jerry would put him up for the night and after that it would be one job after another. Maybe it would be better just to sneak out now and spare his parents.

As he entered the washroom, with chin on chest, many thoughts flew through and behind him. Turning the tap on and raising his head to look for the soap, he saw something through the corner of his eye. His Watch! He’d put it on and taken it off when he went to wash-up for lunch!  “Mom! Dad!”, he yelled running down the stairs to the kitchen. “My watch! My watch!”

©J.E.Goldie 1968

This is a story I wrote many years ago while I was in High School. Grade 12. I recall being very proud of the Huge A+ sign on the top of the page.







The Man Across The Street



I do my lawn and so does he. Not because I do mine, but only because he cares like I do. He planted Petunias, so did I. I wonder. Does he plant tomatoes in the back?



He got a puppy. Not that I didn’t expect that he’d be one to have a puppy, though he never looked the puppy type. Running around his front yard, teaching the puppy that here’s where you live, and we love you.

The puppy is happy, I can tell. I think the man takes pleasure in giving the puppy love. He’s like me with my cats. He does things that only his puppy can understand…meaning I love you and I’ll take care of you. Anyways, so he runs with his puppy and takes care of his Petunias very well. It’s nice. He cares like I do. It makes you smile. You know what I mean?


We’ve never really talked, just waved and smiled. But we know its ok and there’s a bond of caring.  I don’t even know his name. Well, that makes sense I guess. He probably doesn’t know mine either.

If his puppy gets into trouble, you know, runs away or crosses the street or something when he’s not looking, I’ll be there to save the puppy. I wish I knew his name. The puppy I mean. I think I like him, the puppy. I wouldn’t like to see him get lost or hurt, I mean the puppy. I’d be sorry about that. I mean the man, well, he just waves and smiles. But puppies are different. Everyone, loves a puppy………..

©Jen Goldie



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A gathering of Stars IV – On with the Tale – 3/29/2019


As the Starlettes streaked over to Nine, they could see Night encroaching slowly, but surely.

“Saige. That’s North with Night, right?” questioned Sally

“Yes, is sure is.” Confirmed Saige.

“I wonder where Moon is? Is looks pretty strange not seeing Moon with Night, doesn’t it.” concluded Sally

“Yes, it sure does.” confirmed Saige.

“Saige? Are you ok?” asked Sally with a concerned look.

“Yes, I sure am.” confirmed Saige.

“Saige! Wake up! What’s wrong with you? “

“Nothing and everything Sally. Nothing and everything.” Pondered Saige. “C’mon let’s get over to Nine.”

“Wait up! You guys!” puffed Sara, as she came streaking.

“Where were you?” questioned Sally

“Oh, I was just….”

“Nosing around, right?” Interrupted Saige

“Well, I wanted to….”

“Wanted to spy on Moon.” concluded Saige

“As a matter of fact, yes I was watching him. He’s almost fully eclipsed. No matter how often I see it, it, scares me Saige. I know it’s natural, but I still get a chill.” Whined Sara.

“Look Sara, Moon needs some time to rest and think.”

“Yah, I guess.” Agreed Sara, reluctantly “But!”

“No buts!” demanded Saige wisely.

“Shouldn’t you young’uns be taking your positions!” bellowed Nine, suddenly.

“OH! Yes sir! Yes! Sir.” They jumped to attention.

“Why, pray tell, are you scattered around like a bunch of dust particles!” DO TELL!” He thundered loudly.

“Uh, um, Saige? Why are we?” nudged Sara

“Well, SIR.” Said Saige politely

“We were just, sort of, um, thinking we might help you somehow, someway.” stuttered Saige.

“Oh, I see.” Said Nine. “It’s that obvious is it?” he grumbled.

“Well no! I mean Yes. I mean, well you’re looking just a little, um, unusual.” Reached Saige.

“Unusual, hmm. I like that. Unusual.” Softened Nine. “At least someone’s noticed.”

“Noticed?” shouted Sally “We’ve all noticed! Of course, we’ve noticed! Haven’t we all noticed guys?” said Sally looking for help.

“Oh yes! Yes!” said the chorus

“That’s fine girls, just fine and that puts a bright spot on my billow.” Smiled Nine warmly.

“I see Moon’s waning.’’ He added cautiously

“Yes, it’s so sad” cried Sara.

“I also see North’s taking a primary position in the heavens tonight.”

he continued, as they looked at him hopelessly.

“Well,” offered Nine “I still have my silver lining.”

“You do?” cried the Starlettes, hopefully.

“Yes, I do.” Confirmed Nine, confidently. “BUT!”

“But?” Saige asked carefully.

“But I’m afraid my Silver Lining may not still have the same effect it used to have on “Those Below”, he indicated, sadly. “Someone, somewhere, somehow is going to have to remind “Them”. Then perhaps things can change.” He added optimistically.

“You girls go spread what glow you have left, as hard as you can and I’ll try to stay out of your way. Be brighter than you ever been before tonight. Promise me.” directed Nine.

“We promise!” said the Starlettes, as they crossed their points.

“Now off you go quickly. I have some puffing up on my mind and some spring cleaning to do before Dawn arrives, then we’ll have a word or two.” Said Nine as he floated away a little more lightly.

“Sounds great!” said Sally excitedly.

“Yes,” nodded Saige. “A little more promising.”


©J.E.Goldie 3/29/2019



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“A gathering of Stars III” – The tale continues – Mar. 27, 2019


“C’mon let’s go talk to Nine before Night comes. See what’s up with him.” Said Sally

“Think that would be wise?” asked Saige

“Wise Schmise!” spouted Sara. “ What do YOU think’s the matter with him? It’s pretty obvious, to me. Who’s been there for all of us since time immortal? People have been floating on his billows for years! They mention him all the time. Saying things like,

“I feel like I’m on cloud nine right now.”
“I can’t do nothing except try to find cloud nine.”

“If you are on Cloud Nine, you are extremely happy because something very good has happened to you. I never expected to win, so I’m on Cloud Nine.” Quoted Sara.

“He used to love carrying the bliss.” Added Saige.

“It’s a wonder Nine’s still floating after all these years.” Sighed Sara

“Actually, I heard something I didn’t like, just yesterday. I wonder if Nine heard it too. They said, “I’m on cloud nine. I wouldn’t even say cloud nine, more like cloud ten… cloud nine is old news”

“OUCH!” cringed Saige.

“Yah OUCH!” cried Sally

“And,” added Sara. “Have you noticed his colour and wondered about that?” she questioned.

“I have.” Said Saige. “I’ve seen what they do down there,” as she pointed below. So much junk in the air it’s a wonder Cloud can handle it.”

“Yah.” Sighed Saige. “It’s a wonder how any of us can.”

©J.E.Goldie 3/27/2019

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“A gathering of Stars” – and so the tale continues – 3/24/2019



The Stars were gathering, for a pre-night twinkling meeting and the heavens were clear. It looked as if Night was going to have a bright one ahead for his shift.

“Think this meeting’s going to be any different from the rest?” asked Sara

“Nothing new probably,” remarked Saige.

“Yah” said Sara. “These meetings get boring after awhile. Look! There’s Susan! Hey Sue! How’s it twinkling?” she shouted.

“Sara!” whispered Saige, “A little quieter, please! They’re probably sleeping down there.” As she pointed below.

“Ok! Ok! I get it!” returned Sara.” Annoyingly.

“Are you gals ready for this?” said Susan as she streaked over to them.

“Whatcha mean ready?” chuckled Sara. What in the universe could we need to be ready for? Probably just wanna make sure we got a good shine on before Moon shows up.” She laughed.

“Didn’t you hear?” whispered Susan.

“Hear what?” asked Saige with a concerned glow, as she leaned in.

“Well, Night was just a little darkened last night because Moon left early”, informed Susan. “Star told me all about it.”

“Moon left early? That’s strange.” Pondered Saige.

“Moon’s been gloomy for awhile.” Said Sara. “That’s nothing new in the heavens.”

‘That’s not all.” Whispered Susan. “He asked Star to pray!”

“Pray?” Sara asked now concerned. “We all pray everyday. Don’t we?”

“I sure do.” Sighed Saige.

“Well he’s so worried” said Susan, “that he’s waning all the time now.”

“Wow!” said Sara.

“Yes Wow!” said Susan.

“But, what on earth is the problem?” asked Saige.

“That’s the problem.” Sighed Sue.


©J.E.Goldie 3/25/2019

Saige stands for wisdom, Susan stands for kinship and Sara stands for princess.