“The Black Lagoon” for Sue Vincent’s #writephoto Prompt – Yearning, May 30, 2019


Sue Vincent’s Writephoto Prompt – yearning – May 30, 2019




What used to be a river, was now just mud

and stone. It was a fucking shame, she cursed.

These early evening views were becoming more

and more disturbing. The shadows cast an eerie

uneasiness and the dim glow of what was left

of the sun, shed a glimmer on what remained

of the river. At this time of day hope seemed hopeless.

She looked yearningly at the ship on the horizon.

It would soon be out of sight.

I should have gone with them, she shuddered.

The folly of her decision to remain on that

God forsaken island alone, suddenly struck her.

Her yearning would have to subside.

I have to get back to camp quickly.

It’ll be dark soon, she quivered.

Then what?


©J.E.Goldie May 31, 2019




“Another Love” in response to Sue Vincent’s Photo Prompt #writphoto -Transition


Sue Vincent’s writephoto challenge – Transition May 23 2019

Another Love


Through the arches she could see the door

and sense the emptiness living there. She ached

with the unforgiving sadness of the coming rain.

As the fog rolled in, she shivered and donned

her cape, seeking the warmth she’d known.

Nothing could replace those tender moments.

He used to say, I think its going to rain.

Such a silly phrase. How prophetic. 

The heart ignores awakenings, she mused.

The transition from love to heartache can be

but a moment in time.

There is no cure for a broken heart.

No arresting tears of sorrow.

another day,

another point in time,

another tomorrow,

another love………..

©J.E.Goldie May 25, 2019






“The Devil’s In The Details” in response to Monochrome#Writephoto prompt May 2, 2019


Sue Vincent’s Write Photo Prompt “Monochrome” May 2, 2019

“The Devil’s in the details”


She stood just far enough away from the ruins

of her family’s past. There was such intricacy,

such detail, waiting to be put to rest. She felt

in every inch of the hurt and harm she’d heard

had grown there and, somehow felt fortunate.

Yet, the pain of the loss she’d inherited, still

lingered. Her own clear memories were long ago

buried, deep inside. She struggled to remember,

even an inkling.


She turned around startled by the figure of

an alarmingly, grizzled man approaching her.

“There’s a Devil in the details.”

He doffed his hat and winked.



©J.E.Goldie 5/3/2019




“O.K. Einstein” in response to the Thursday Photo Prompt “Beyond” #Writephoto Apr. 18, 2019 by Jen Goldie



#Writephoto Prompt “Beyond”

O.K. Einstein

“C’mon lets go!”
“Why? C’mon!”
“I dunno.”
“Look! There’s a rainbow!”
“That’s not a rainbow. Something’s wrong.”
“Then, what is it?”
“That? That, looks like a prism effect.”
“Now your going all scientific on me.”
“Far from science my friend. It’s a fact.
Look here. Right here in my pocket dictionary

“You’re what? You brought that?”
“Yah. It says, and I quote, “A rainbow: is an arch of
colour in the sky, caused by the sun shining
through water droplets in the atmosphere.”
“Jim. Could you please be a little less, romantic.”
“Cute Joan. Look here it is, read this.”
“Oh, alright.” “Prism: A transparent object with triangular
ends that separates white light into colours.”

“Jim! That’s a prism effect!”
“O.K. Einstein. I’ve created a genius!”
“Must be something in those branches Jim.”
“Yah I think.”
“Jim, you’re the climber! Don’t look at me. My feet
stay on terra firma.”

“I said no.”
“Joan. There’s something moving under that moss
over there.”
“Did you hear something?”
“No need to listen Joan. RUN!”
“You dropped your book!”
“Forget the book! Run!”

©J.E.Goldie  4/22/2019