I’ve been wondering what this “Contact” page was all about. If you’re reading this for a reason you might let me know why,  then I’ll fill in the spaces. If you’re just checking things out then HI!! Howya doing? glad ta see ya, well I can’t obviously see you, now can I? Likely I’ll never meet you “In Person”. 

I’ve been posting on this “Blog” since….hmmm end of 2017? I’ve “met” some pretty nice people, at least they seem nice. I’ve posted my own poems, stories and some, what I thought, were interesting short bios on well known Canadian icons. As you can see I’m still figuring out the “Technicalities”. (put smirk here).  There’s a list of some of my posts.

There are 10 episodes of THE BARTLETT SCHOOL, so far (Working on 11),

and 6 stories of A GATHERING OF STARS. 

You can see I enjoy writing for various “Prompts”. It’s fun getting to know and read other bloggers work. It’s also a great learning tool and exercise for a writer. I recommend it.

Just a little background.

I got my B.F.A. in Fine Arts Theatre in 1974. I worked for 28 years + in the entertainment industry, as an Actress with union affiliations, ACTRA, The Association of Canadian Television and Radio Artists and Canadian Actors Equity (Theatre) doing various plays, television commercials, bit film and TV roles.

I worked as a Casting Assistant for 5 years and owned and operated my own Talent Agency for 13 years. 

My credits as a Casting Director (Assistant), Talent Coordinator and Voice Director for some animated series for DIC Enterprises, including The Popples, are listed on Internet Movie Data Base 

Ok! I guess thats it for now. Thanks for stopping by. (Smile)



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