“I Reckon” The Haunted Wordsmith Prompt-15 May 15,2019


The Haunted Wordsmith Prompt-15 May 17, 2019


“Someone is angry – very angry”

“What’s that Cap?”

“You holdin tight boy?”

“Yes Sir!”


“See that moon over there?”

“Yes Sir!”

“She’s a full one!”

“Yes Sir!”

“How’d I know. You’re askin.”

“Yes Sir!”

“She’s pullin heavy on us.

We’ll just hafta go with her.

So hang on tight son and keep

Her level!”

“Yes Papa.”


“That’s the last time I saw him”

“Ya mean?”

“Yep. Just disappeared. I reckon

The moon got him.”


“Least that’s what I thought at the time.

Still do.”


I ain’t never been out again.”

“Ya mean.”

“Yep.  Never found him. Never will.  

Ain’t gonna try.”

“I Reckon.”

©J.E.Goldie May 17, 2019



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