“The Pizza Joint” for the Fandango Flash Fiction Challenge #14 #FFFC


Image courtesy of Aron Jäger@unsplash.com.

Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #14 May 20, 2019


The Pizza Joint

“So, Dick what’s your take?” said the Inspector, 

stroking his scruffy beard.

“Well” he pondered “The door’s been smashed

open with a lot of power behind it. Glass everywhere,

a real mess.”

“And a lot of violence behind it.” added the Inspector

as he lit up a smoke.

“That’s for damn sure Boss.”

“Did you find any blood splatter?”


“You sure?” questioned the Inspector.

“Yah” the Sargent said chewing his wad of gum.


“Yes Sir?”

“Got an extra gum?”


“Good. And by the way, next time get that hot

Cinnamon flavor gum. I like it better.”

The Inspector demanded while unwrapping his gum.

“Sure.” Dick said, quickly making a note.

“I think we have a case of murder, a violent gruesome

bloody murder, or.” He concluded. “A kidnapping.”

“Could be both” added the Sargent.

“True enough.”

“Ok. I think we’re done here. Get the squad in to

see if there’s anymore clues. I’m hungry.”

“There’s a great little pizza joint down the street.”

offered the Sargent.

“Pizza! It is!  Dick? Did I ever tell you the one about

the mass murderer and the pizza joint?”

©J.E.Goldie May 21, 2019


the end almost

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