✨Happy New Year 2019!✨

It’s been just over a month since I started this Blog. I had no preconceived ideas about what to expect.

          My message is a positive one. I have come to love the responses I am privileged to receive. Indeed, I am delighted when so many of you who follow, do respond. I have read some wonderfully written prose, poems and stories. I have read some brilliant and honest insights. I have laughed and cried.

          My initial exposure to social media was a long time ago and my, how things have changed. Sometimes I wonder if its better. There were no ADS, no hidden agendas, no public postings and no messenger, telling you your messages were being ignored or not responded to. It was simply sharing ideas, knowledge and a kind of communal friendship. Peace and harmony generally prevailed.

Bottom line is:

I’d like to thank all my followers for their support. As writers, designers or whatever your medium or philosophy is, we need to know at least one person is reading our posts.

May the coming year bring you all your hopes and dreams, your good health and friendships!

Love Jen 💜