“Nice ‘N Snug” in response to Sue Vincent’s Prompt, Rooted#writephoto. May 9, 2019 2019


SueVincents May 9th Photo Prompt, Rooted#writephoto

Nice ‘N Snug


“An this here’s known by us locals as, Snake Haven.”

“I can see why.”

“ How’s that.”

“Well the roots look like a bunch of snakes.”

“There’s ain’t such a thing as a “Buncha” snakes,

ain’t normal, lest they’re nestin.”

“O.K. A lot of snakes.”


“Then how about a lot of snakes in one spot.”

“Them’s, fightin words”


“You’re an ornery sort, aintcha.”

“Now. Listen here. I’m not picking a fight.”

“Oh? This here’s a real special spot, an

bein smarmy about it, ain’t getting yah


“Me? Smarmy?”


“I don’t think so.”

“I’m thinkin yah don’t think much.”

“Okay! Then tell me about it.”

“Not sure I wanna. Might raise the dead.”

“Very funny!”

“Suit yerself.”

“If I apologize for calling it, whatever,

will you get on with it.”

“The story, I’m thinkin.”

“Yes! Yes! The damn story!”

“Whoah! No use cursin.”

“Okay once again, I’m sorry!”

“I’ll be goin now. Got stuff ta do.

An if you’ve a mind ta put that

tent up. Do it before dark.  

Mind ya make it, nice n snug.”

©J.E.Goldie May 8, 2019