“Another Love” in response to Sue Vincent’s Photo Prompt #writphoto -Transition


Sue Vincent’s writephoto challenge – Transition May 23 2019

Another Love


Through the arches she could see the door

and sense the emptiness living there. She ached

with the unforgiving sadness of the coming rain.

As the fog rolled in, she shivered and donned

her cape, seeking the warmth she’d known.

Nothing could replace those tender moments.

He used to say, I think its going to rain.

Such a silly phrase. How prophetic. 

The heart ignores awakenings, she mused.

The transition from love to heartache can be

but a moment in time.

There is no cure for a broken heart.

No arresting tears of sorrow.

another day,

another point in time,

another tomorrow,

another love………..

©J.E.Goldie May 25, 2019